International logistics in the KLINGER Group network

Benefit from our global company network: On site in over 60 countries worldwide. Rely on international industrial & system logistics and sophisticated assembly solutions by the KLINGER Group.

The KLINGER motto of "trusted. worldwide." stems from the Group's ability to provide products, services and solutions where and whenever they are required. Discover the global network of KLINGER Group, providing trusted products, services, and solutions in over 60 countries worldwide. Benefit from optimized supply chains, consignment stock, and 24/7 delivery of gasket and fluid technology.

Discover the KLINGER network

Worldwide company network

At KLINGER, we pride ourselves on our extensive worldwide network of production and trading companies. With our well-coordinated and close-meshed network, we are able to provide our customers with the benefits of cross-company know-how in design, production, logistics, and service. This allows us to offer our customers tailored and efficient solutions that meet their specific requirements, regardless of their location.

This fundamental principle of our daily business extends to:

  • Optimized supply chains
  • The global reach of the KLINGER network of companies
  • The establishment of consignment and shared stock
  • 24/7 gasket and fluid technology delivery

Global projects

At KLINGER, we are committed to problem-solving and finding innovative solutions for our customers. Whether our customers are upgrading a large plant or require a special seal for a single engine, we put our expertise to work across our companies to provide the best possible solution. Our global projects showcase our capabilities and expertise in providing solutions for a range of industries and applications.

Deep dive into some of our global projects in our blog:

Chevron relies on

KLINGER Thailand, KLINGER Australia and KLINGER United Kingdom

Paris district heating relies on

KLINGER Fluid Control, KLINGER Italy and KF Fluid

Grupa Azoty relies on

KLINGER Poland, KLINGER Italy, KLINGER Fluid Control and KLINGER Dichtungstechnik

Westlake Chemical relies on

KLINGER Advantage and KLINGER Schöneberg

Lito Gonella relies on

KLINGER Brazil and KLINGER Argentina


Discover the KLINGER network


Good to know:

  • We go the extra mile for our customers to help them solve their problems
    – no matter how exceptional.
  • We offer solutions, not just products
    – consultancy and service make us unique.
  • We specialize in customer-specific solutions
    – nothing is impossible.
  • We use our global branch network to tackle every issue
    – cooperation is key.
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