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Latest news on KLINGER Group
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Piston valves for CO2 purification and liquefication

KLINGER KVN piston valve at Lito Gonella: ✔ Fluid: liquid and gaseous carbon dioxide ✔ Temperature: -30 °C / -22 °F ✔ Pressure: 27 BarG (overpressure)

High reliability and high degrees of tightness were required in a delicate project in South America. KLINGER Brazil and KLINGER Argentina teamed up to deliver a valuable collaboration.

KLINGER Argentina has a long history as a leader in fluid control for the South American market. In the early 1970s, KLINGER began in-house factory production of rubber-bound compressed sheets. This early success led to expansion in the following decades, and the product offerings increased to also include materials for gaskets, level indicators, and piston valves. Key to customer satisfaction in this region has been their domestic production, which ensures shorter lead times and closer contact with end users.


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Valves with tailor made solutions

When Lito Gonella, a long-term customer, was in need of materials for a CO2 purification and liquefaction plant project in Salta, their many years of industry experience led them to contact KLINGER Argentina for assistance with piston valves to be used for installation in polyurethane foam-insulated pipes. Sales Manager Cristian González swung into action, discussing the project needs with the team’s subject matter experts through e-mail and phone conferences. As the conversation progressed, the project’s need for high reliability and a high degree of tightness within the valves suggested that a tailor-made solution was the best path forward.

Cristian González, Sales Manager at KLINGER Argentina

„They required some special parts inside the valve, and I quickly realized we would have to customize it.“

Cristian González, Sales Manager at KLINGER Argentina


The valves are equipped with PTFE seats and packings. Screws, nuts, lantern, and washers comes in a stainless-steel version.


Piston valves ensure reliable fluid control in various setups
Piston valves ensure reliable fluid control in various setups

Close collaboration to meet the client's needs

With a preliminary plan in place, Cristian reached out to Luciano Bussi, a Sales Manager at KLINGER Brazil, as well as a long-time friend and colleague. Their past collaborations within the KLINGER Group include a variety of gasket and valve projects over the years, ranging from standard to custom solutions. “We are practically brothers!”, Luciano jokes. As two of the main leaders for KLINGER’s South American presence, Cristian and Luciano are used to relying on each other for brainstorming and troubleshooting in order to meet urgent client needs with regional solutions. Post pandemic, their collaborations have become even more frequent and valuable, as local customers struggle with long distance suppliers falling short of needed inventory stock and projected delivery dates.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • Which piston valves are suitable for CO2 purification and liquefaction plants?
    The KVN piston valve ANSI 300 Class with Carbon Steel body, PTFE (NXT) sealing rings and stainless-steel lantern, spindle, screws and nuts are suitable for CO2 purification and liquefaction plants.

Surprisingly short turnaround time

Because Cristian and Luciano have so much history, they have streamlined their collaborative process to achieve peak efficiency. Turnaround time for a quotation or specification is no longer than ten days. Delivery time for standard piston valves is thirty days; or, for the kind of customized valves created for this project, around sixty days.

Luciano Bussi, Sales Manager at KLINGER Brazil

„Cristian and I have a very strong communication, and can respond to customer needs in no time. Cooperation not only between our companies but also within the KLINGER Group is key.“

Luciano Bussi, Sales Manager at KLINGER Brazil


Cristian agrees and adds that “the customer has the confidence that he’ll always receive a quick response from us.”

Special requirements for a CO2 purification and liquefaction plant

For the custom piston valves needed in this project, the entire planning process was handled virtually. Cristian and Luciano were working from two separate countries, several other KLINGER experts were weighing in from their respective locations, and the customer headquarters as well as the job site were located in two different Argentinian provinces. The short time frame and multiple layers of input called for frequent check-ins, all handled via conference call to keep everyone on the same page. Once the valves had been selected, additional research was conducted to ensure that the body material could withstand the required pressure and temperature dictated by the customer.

Fact box

Requirements for the KLINGER KVN piston valve

  • Fluid: liquid and gaseous carbon dioxide
  • Temperature: -30 °C / -22 °F
  • Pressure: 27 BarG (overpressure)

After several consultations with factory experts to review the mechanical and chemical demands of the plant, the team was able to confirm that the customized valves would suit the project requirements. All the valves Ø2” and Ø3” are for the piping insulated with polyurethane foam and will be installed at the outlet and inlet of the liquefied CO2 storage tanks.

Custom fluid control solutions

At the end of the project, the customer had gone from ideation to working status in less than six months. Luciano and Cristian were able to deliver a bespoke valve that not only met exacting requirements, but also one that was delivered within the promised time frame. Their years of flawless teamwork have turned the somewhat complicated process of developing custom fluid control solutions into a smooth and steady operation. Luciano is interested to see what the future brings: "We have a lot of business in standard products, there is no issue about that. But even when they have a special case, we are always open to discuss and meet their needs.” Together, they look forward to the challenge.

Fact box

Did you know …

  • … that Salta is the capital and largest city in the Argentine province of the same name and has a population of 618,375 according to the most recent census?
  • … KLINGER piston valves are core elements in a variety of fluid control projects? Being highly adaptable, customers can choose tailor-made solutions for their specific needs.
  • … that KLINGER Brazil has been contributing to industrial processes safety in the country for over 50 years?
  • … that KLINGER Brazil is offering sealing systems, fluid control and fluid monitoring systems?
  • … that KLINGER Argentina dates back to the 1970s, when a factory for rubber-bound compressed sheets in Garín, Buenos Aires province was established?
  • … that KLINGER Argentina aims to be a national leader in the commercialization of sealing materials and in the manufacture of industrial valves?

KLINGER Brazil KLINGER Argentina


KLINGER Argentina and KLINGER Brazil
KLINGER Argentina and KLINGER Brazil

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