Latest news on KLINGER Group
Latest news on KLINGER Group

KLINGER Thailand wins Chevron order

Chevron Thailand opts for KLINGER Sentry solution for reverse integrity testing

KLINGER Thailand, working together with KLINGER Australia and KLINGER UK, has won an order from Chevron. Following intensive negotiations, on-site testing and technical verification, the global energy company placed an initial order for the delivery of 170 sets of Sentry SR seal rings in February 2019. These enable the new customer to carry out reverse integrity testing on hubs to ensure his pipe system remains free of leakages.

“We first presented our KLINGER Sentry solution to Chevron back in August 2017,” remembers Jet Somsuphangsri of KLINGER Thailand, “discussing the company’s requirements with a team of main flow line engineers, their purchasing department and quality assurance & control personnel, we were able to identify a need for KLINGER Sentry SR reverse integrity seal rings, which could be used on their flow line hubs.”

KLINGER Sentry – individual leak testing without full system pressurization

“Our range of KLINGER Sentry gaskets allow for individual leak testing on flanged joints without the need for full system pressurization,” explains Mathew Craggs, Technical Lead at KLINGER UK, and adds: “Their primary purpose is to speed up leak testing.” Using this highly innovative reverse integrity testing product results in shorter and less downtime as well as in a significantly reduced volume of required testing media. Furthermore, individual joint integrity can be validated directly at the time of installation, which almost negates the necessity of having to re-visit the joint. Should a leakage nevertheless occur, it can be easily remedied by testing and adjusting the joint in a single go.

The KLINGER Sentry SR has been specifically designed to integrity-test clamped connections.
The Sentry RTJ is KLINGER's reverse integrity gasket for raised face flanges.

Reverse integrity gasket tests integrity of clamped connections

“In order to provide Chevron Thailand with a solution to their leakage issues, we proposed the KLINGER Sentry SR,” confirms Mr. Somsuphangsri. He adds: “This reverse integrity gasket, which retains the full functionality and benefits of the Sentry gasket series, has been specifically designed for integrity testing of clamped connections, such as for example the hubs utilized by Chevron.” For the Thai and Australian team, this proved to be the first breakthrough. Upon the customer’s request, in-house pressure tests were carried out on the seal rings at the hub manufacturer’s business location. The KLINGER Sentry SR, which has been rated by global operators for pressures of up to 5,000 psi, passed these trials with flying colors. A final round of tests, this time conducted to the south of Thailand in February 2019, finally convinced the customer: Chevron ordered the first 170 reverse integrity gasket sets.

Chevron: Perfect sealing with KLINGER seal rings

Following six months of leakage-free operation, Chevron Thailand provided Mr. Somsuphangsri with the following feedback: “The KLINGER Sentry SR has helped Chevron Thailand to solve past leakage issues. To date there have been no incidents of leakage with KLINGER’s seal rings and we are already planning to use this product in our upcoming projects.  Commercially speaking, we also found KLINGER to be more competitive.”

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