Navigating fluid dynamics at ACHEMA 2024

In the realm of fluid handling, each industry faces its unique set of challenges. Delve into the specialized needs and learn about the critical role of valves and gaskets in maintaining operational integrity, safety, and sustainability.


As hydrogen applications expand beyond industrial settings into consumer uses, such as vehicle fueling, there's a growing need for safe handling practices and technologies. The industry emphasizes the need for materials that can handle its small molecular size and high explosiveness, particularly in high-pressure storage and transport scenarios.

District Heating

District heating networks struggle to maintain a consistent supply of heat across vast urban landscapes. Key district heating challenges include balancing supply and demand, integrating renewable energy sources, managing infrastructure costs, ensuring system efficiency, and maintaining and upgrading aging infrastructure. All while preventing leakage.

Chemical industry

Materials such as stainless steel and PTFE are invaluable for their resistance, ensuring durability and safety in processes teeming with aggressive substances. Key challenges are ever-present, including stricter environmental regulations, rising energy and raw material costs, and the need to handle demanding media and safety-critical applications.

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Geothermal energy

The use of geothermal water as a CO2-neutral energy source for power generation and district heating applications has increased enormously in recent decades, also due to global warming - and the trend is still rising. Geothermal water contains high levels of thermal energy and a wide variety of substances, including oil, minerals, solids, and most importantly, lime and silica.


For industries reliant on periodic shutdowns and turnarounds, such as refineries or power plants, the focus is on minimizing downtime and ensuring fast, safe maintenance operations, where reliable sealing and fluid control systems are paramount.

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