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How KLINGER Italy’s valves meet the needs of the chemical industry

In a sector that must continuously evolve to meet rapidly changing safety and environmental regulations, KLINGER remains at the forefront of valves for the chemical industry.

A recognized leader in fluid control, the KLINGER group designs specialized solutions to solve the unique issues that challenge this field. Their advanced products play a critical role in maintaining operational integrity, safety, and sustainability in fluid systems around the globe. At this year’s Achema trade fair, held 10 to 14 June 2024 in Frankfurt, Germany, KLINGER will be in hall 8.0, booth B4, to demonstrate the Group’s latest innovative fluid control solutions for the chemical industry.

Contacts mentioned in the article:

Stefano Mo, Account Manager of KLINGER Italy

Giacomo Carrozzo, Export and Domestic Account Assistant of KLINGER Italy

Ensuring integrity

KLINGER Italy develops valves with chemical demands in mind, using more than 80 years of experience to ensure product safety and reliability. Because chemical applications frequently make use of aggressive substances, preventing corrosion is a top priority in the industry. Robust materials such as stainless steel, duplex, superduplex, and Hastelloy are resistant to caustic media and ensure long system life. Using components that are built to withstand harsh conditions also minimizes the risk of leaks, which is crucial for operational safety in the chemical industry. Customer specifications are carefully reviewed to ensure material compatibility throughout the system, preventing unplanned reactivity that could compromise integrity.

All valves from KLINGER Italy are being manufactured in Italy.

This focus on component workmanship is what sets KLINGER valves apart from the rest.

“Our main difference is that we have a large range of special solutions, and we are flexible in our production.”

Stefano Mo, Account Manager of KLINGER Italy

Bespoke details like custom powered actuators and extended length bonnets ensure that new orders will fit seamlessly into current fluid systems, requiring a minimum of down time to install and bring online. The company is also planning to expand its size range in 2024, increasing standard offerings up to DN200 from the current maximum of DN150. This change, launched by request, is yet another example of how KLINGER Italy designs from a customer-first perspective.

Getting greener

Additional priorities for the chemical industry include both future proofing and investing in green technology. Environmental protection is a major concern for governments and companies across the world, with many countries pledging to meet ambitious emissions initiatives in only a few short years. Leak prevention is a major factor in ensuring that customers can meet these standards, since industrial fugitive emissions contribute to greenhouse gases and ozone depleting substances. Certified per ISO 15848-1 and ATEX, KLINGER Italy’s valves are tested and proven to help companies meet their green initiative goals.

Leak prevention is a major factor in meeting customer’s climate goals.

KLINGER Italy’s control valves were designed with chemical demands in mind.

Enhancing plant safety with remote monitoring valves

Both future proofing and environmental compliance rely heavily on data and analysis. Because KLINGER Italy’s valves can be customized for automated actuation, they can also be fitted with sensors that allow for remote monitoring and control. This creates a wide array of benefits, including optimizing operational efficiency, allowing more accurate predictive maintenance, and offering to-the-moment monitoring to alert plant staff of any issues. Detecting system issues in real-time minimizes leaks, enhancing both employee safety and energy efficiency. This is particularly valuable when processing caustic media, which is a common use case for KLINGER Italy customers. The Series 3000 Control Valve, for example, is designed for a wide range of applications.


“This is the model most used in the chemical industry, the one the customers want most often.”

Giacomo Carrozzo, Export and Domestic Account Assistant at KLINGER Italy

Efficiency and value

As the cost of raw materials, power, and labor continue to increase, KLINGER takes a long-term approach to cost savings through product durability. Balancing the expense of fluid control products with their efficiency and reliability is a constant challenge for the chemical industry, as companies strive to optimize operational costs without compromising safety and performance. By choosing a high-quality KLINGER valve at the outset, customers know that they will ensure themselves more savings over time: less maintenance, fewer leaks, and lower energy usage. KLINGER Italy takes immense pride in their products, as Stefano explains: “For the 3000 series, all pieces, all particulars of these valves, are from our Group. The valve body, and all the components inside, we can say is an Italian product.” With KLINGER Italy guiding the way, the Group will continue to lead the chemical industry in innovative fluid control solutions.

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