Group Management
Group Management

Daniel Schibli (born 1963) – CEO

Responsible for the Business Units Fluid Control and Service & Distribution

Since Apr. 2017   CEO, KLINGER Holding GmbH, Austria
2010 – 2017   CFO and Deputy CEO, AEW Energie AG, Switzerland
2008 – 2010   CEO Overseas Operations, KLINGER Group, Switzerland
2002 – 2010   CFO KLINGER Group, Switzerland
1999 – 2001   CFO and Deputy CEO, ABB High Voltage Technology AG, Switzerland
1996 – 1999   Group CFO and Deputy CEO, Colenco Group, Switzerland
1989 – 1995   CFO and Head of Services, Colenco Power Consulting AG, Switzerland
1986 – 1989   Head of Mandates, Fides Trust Company (KPMG), Schweiz

Daniel Schibli, CEO

"My new responsibility as CEO also extends to guiding the Service & Distribution and Fluid Control companies. Together with our Managing Directors, I ensure that our high level of commitment towards customer satisfaction remains our top priority. Trust is about being able to give and take, about inspiring and being inspired. And long-term partnerships with customers, whose trust we have earned, allow us to come up with innovations derived from their very own industry or company-specific needs.

This is also a part of our responsibility: To ensure that our customers can maintain their competitive edge with the aid of our products, services and solutions. At the same time, we have to invest in future-proofing our portfolio, so that we can continue to provide our customers with value. On a Group Management level, we seek potential acquisitions to further support our growth strategy and to enhance our already impressive product offering. At KLINGER, we all share a common goal: To help our customers to be successful in their respective fi elds. We do this by applying our know-how and experience to all matters pertaining to sealing and fluid control, thus allowing them to fully focus on their core business."


CEO Daniel Schibli

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