Christoph Klinger-Lohr (born 1979) – CEO

Responsible for the Business Units Soft Sealing and Metal Sealing

Since Jan. 2018   CEO, KLINGER Holding GmbH, Austria
2016 – 2018   Managing Director, KLINGER Dichtungstechnik GmbH, Austria
2012 – 2016   Managing Director, KLINGER International GmbH, Austria
2009 – 2012   Product Manager Asia, Ticona, China
2008 – 2009   Supply Chain Analyst Asia, Celanese, China
2007 – 2008   Champ Trainee Program, Celanese, China

"In my role as CEO on the Group Management Board, I focus on the Business Units Soft Sealing and Metal Sealing. Based on our principles of responsibility and engagement, his business unit is characterized by exceptional technical capabilities and market drive. As our customers know, both aspects already exist in abundance within our Group of companies – the challenge will be to align them and create a highly effective team."

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