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Young talents heading for sustainable hydropower

KLINGER sponsors the hydro lab at HTL St. Pölten with a Ballostar KHA ✔ Hydropower valve ✔ Plus actuator ✔ Plus electrical engineering

In the hydro laboratory of HTL (Federal College of Engineering and Research) St. Pölten in Lower Austria, the students can put their knowledge of hydropower, turbines and how power plants work to the practical test: Our 3-part ball valve KLINGER Ballostar KHA brings them up to date with the latest technology.

On 200 square meters, the young technicians at HTL St. Pölten can try out pretty much everything related to hydro technology, including fittings, pumps, turbines and steam boilers. It is great that they start out right away working with high-quality products from KLINGER. After all, KLINGER has been supporting the hydro laboratory since it was launched in 1978.

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Sponsoring as a win-win for everyone

On December 14th, 2021, it was time to replace the 30-year-old ball valve with a new Ballostar KHA. The perfect occasion to celebrate an outstanding partnership. Not surprising, since the sponsorship program benefits both sides:

  • In this way, KLINGER can interest technically well-trained young people in internships and future jobs with the company. After all, with 1,700 students HTL St. Pölten is the second largest technical school in Lower Austria.
  • What’s more: a number of high school diplomas and theses have already focused on KLINGER products. An early start for tomorrow’s KLINGER experts.
    • By the way – it is no coincidence that HTL St. Pölten specializes in hydropower: The Andritz Group, one of the world market leaders in this sector, is located nearby, opening opportunities for further synergies.


      The design of the Ballostar KHA looks almost the same as it did 30 years ago. What’s new is the structure, which gives the students the choice of using the ball valve with a hand lever or an electric drive.
      The design of the Ballostar KHA looks almost the same as it did 30 years ago. What’s new is the structure, which gives the students the choice of using the ball valve with a hand lever or an electric drive.

      From left to right: Daniel Humpolec (student), Xaver Gruber (Managing Director KLINGER Fluid Control), Wilhelm König (former professor and laboratory manager), Otto Keiblinger (Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department at the HTL), Heinz Peterschofsky (Head of the Hydro laboratory), Martin Pfeffel (Director of the HTL), Darius Gergely (student)

      Hydropower: Even more complete solutions in the future

      During the visit at HTL St. Pölten, Xaver Gruber, Managing Director of KLINGER Fluid Control (KFC), once again praised the fact that the HTL hydro laboratory is a small-scale representation of the future of the market. In the future, KFC intends to become even more active in this market with complete solutions: valve plus actuator plus electrical engineering. In other words, solutions that are already installed in the hydro laboratory. All the better if the know-how of the next generation is incorporated into the development of such future packages. Cheers to the HTL St. Pölten!

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      Fact box: Federal College of Engineering and Research (HTL) St. Pölten
      Get to know the Hydro Lab! Watch on YouTube.

      Fact box
      HTL (Federal College of Engineering and Research) St. Pölten

      3 main areas of education:

      • 1. Mechanical engineering
      • 2. Mechanical engineering & economics
      • 3. Electrical engineering and computer engineering (fastest growing)

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