Latest news on KLINGER Group
Latest news on KLINGER Group

KLINGER "on Tour" Truck: Mobile training and certification for technicians

On-site training for valve and gasket technicians including certification at fully equipped training workstations in the KLINGER "on Tour" Truck

E-Learning and the virtual classroom have brought a lot of changes to how we acquire knowledge in educational institutions as well as in corporate environments. If your job happens to be "hands-on", however, then your theory needs to be complemented by practice. Understanding this basic fact, KLINGER took the best of both worlds and introduced the "KLINGER on Tour Truck" in 2014: A mobile training platform that deploys to your business location.

Having technicians attend advanced courses critical to their work is without doubt a necessity in order to ensure that all safety, efficiency and operational excellence requirements can be met at all times. Being able to spare colleagues, who are de facto not on-site when they attend their various trainings, however, may very well pose a problem – especially in cases where staff is continuously downsized to reflect the prevailing economic conditions. Aside from this fact, sending employees away for further education purposes is a costly endeavor, which also incurs additional costs such as travel and accommodation expenses. Very much aware of all these facts, KLINGER began offering a viable alternative three years ago: "The KLINGER on Tour Truck".

Coming to you

The major advantage of the "KLINGER on Tour Truck", which comes equipped with state of the art training workplaces, is that it can be deployed to virtually any business location of a customer. Everything that the to be trained employees need in order to acquire, for example, the DIN EN 1591-4 certification (Flanges and their joints – Part 4: Qualification of personnel competency in the assembly of the bolted connections of critical service pressurized systems) is brought to the training 
location – including a wide assortment of flanges, valves and gaskets as well as trainers.

The KLINGER on Tour Truck

Touring Central and Eastern Europe

As of October, the "KLINGER on Tour Truck" will be on assignment in the heart of Europe. Its fist stop will be a renowned oil, gas and petrochemicals company in Hungary, followed by an appearance at the Bucharest International Technical Fair in Romania. From mid to end October, KLINGER's mobile training platform will help to train and certify the employees of two major Austrian energy providers. "Our 'KLINGER on Tour Truck' has already made quite a name for itself in other parts of Europe," explains Gerald Vasek of KLINGER Dichtungstechnik, adding: "It is therefore gratifying to see that interest in this very attractive, cost-effective and flexible alternative to classic training offerings is also gaining momentum in Central and Eastern Europe."

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