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KLINGER Italy acquires Spiralit

Spiralit joins the KLINGER Group. Product range: ✓ soft gaskets ✓ spiral wound ✓ kammprofile ✓ metal jacketed ✓ metallic gaskets ✓ flange insulation ✓ packings ✓ seal rings

With more than 175 of experience between them, KLINGER Italy and Spiralit are perfectly matched to bring mutual gasket and seal mastery to Italy.

When Spiralit founders Marco Santiani and Gennaro Scotti began to plan the next phase for their company, they knew the business was ready for a wider audience. Quality recognizes quality, and KLINGER Italy could see that the Spiralit team was dedicated to the precise workmanship and high quality that KLINGER customers have come to expect. Said Raffaele Pittaluga, Managing Director of KLINGER Italy,

Raffaele Pittaluga, Managing Director of KLINGER Italy

„Spiralit shares the same values as KLINGER. They make good products, with good people. They’re a perfect fit.“

Raffaele Pittaluga, Managing Director of KLINGER Italy


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After discussing mutual goals, a deal was struck, and Spiralit joined the KLINGER Group as a part of their Italian business.


Gennaro Scotti (Director Business Development), Christoph Klinger-Lohr (CEO KLINGER Group), Marco Santiani (Director Operational Excellence), Daniel Schibli (CEO KLINGER Group) and Raffaele Pittaluga (MD KLINGER Italy)
Gennaro Scotti (Director Business Development of Spiralit), Christoph Klinger-Lohr (CEO of KLINGER Group), Marco Santiani (Director Operational Excellence of Spiralit), Daniel Schibli (CEO of KLINGER Group) and Raffaele Pittaluga (Managing Director of KLINGER Italy)

A history of quality

Spiralit has a legacy of exacting quality control and high-caliber products, as exemplified by their TA-Lüft VDI-2440 and UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 certifications. This attention to detail meshes perfectly with KLINGER’s commitment to offering the highest quality materials, creating a partnership that will allow current and future customers access to the best products on the market.

Spiralit offers a multitude of sealing products for major industries such as oil and gas, chemical processing, and power plants. Their flat gaskets include specialty options such as PTFE and eyeleted gaskets. Spiral wound gaskets are available coated and uncoated, with a variety of metals and filler materials depending on project needs. 3-ply and metal jacketed Kammprofile gaskets are suitable for high compression applications. Metallic gaskets for petrochemical applications come in a variety of alloys and shapes, while calibrated shims are tailored for use with compressors, turbines, and pumps. Five types of flange insulation kits prevent contact corrosion and galvanic corrosion in a variety of systems. Packings come in multiple yarns to suit the entire pH range and multiple types of media. Seal rings include standard rubber O rings, as well as specialty items like Gard Oil, a labyrinth system instead of lip seal rings.


Spiralit product line
Spiralit product line

Spiralit’s innovation doesn’t stop at their products; the facilities themselves are also constantly upgrading and improving. New water jet, flash cut, and automatic spiraling machines allow the team to produce multiple variations of custom sealing products in a fraction of the time required in standard operations. Specialized CAM (computer aided manufacturing) products such as sophisticated nesting software allow Spiralit to maximize plate utilization, reduce waste, and lower material costs. Automated manufacturing processes allow the manufacturer to meet tight specifications with high speed and precision. The company’s forward-thinking attitude and dedication to constant product improvement allowed them to grow a solid customer base, while their unparalleled customer-first atmosphere encouraged loyalty and repeat business.

Seamless dedication to service

Marco Santiani, Director Operational Excellence at Spiralit

„Spiralit customers can expect to receive the same excellent sealing products and skilled service, but with the addition of KLINGER’s extensive resources backing the relationship.“

Marco Santiani, Director Operational Excellence at Spiralit


All normal business processes will remain unchanged, allowing customers to experience a seamless transition during the integration process. Marco Santiani and Gennaro Scotti and will remain a part of the leadership team as directors for the development of important projects in the field of Operational Excellence and Business Development. Scotti is looking forward to this next chapter in Spiralit’s development, saying

Gennaro Scotti, Director Business Development at Spiralit

„The new ownership will let us do more for our customers. If they notice any difference, it will only be a positive one.“

Gennaro Scotti, Director Business Development at Spiralit


This winning combination will no doubt prove a boon to the entire Spiralit and KLINGER Italy customer base.

Get To Know Spiralit!

  • Spiralit is based in Locate Triulzi, 20 km south of Milan.
  • They have been in business for more than 50 years.
  • Their facility features a production workshop of over 3,200 m2, and a total factory area of over 4,300 m2.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • What products will Spiralit offer?
    Spiralit offers a full portfolio of gaskets and seals, including spiral wound and Kammprofile gaskets. Other popular products include packing rings, carbographite sealing elements, and flange insulation kits.

  • Where will Spiralit offer products and services?
    Combining Spiralit’s high-quality products with KLINGER’s robust network and services will allow the company to expand operation throughout all of Italy. Contact your local representative for details.

Spiralit Headquarters
Spiralit Headquarters

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