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Increased customization for Level Gauges

New product offering: Omnidirectional float for magnetic level gauges for an easy installation.

Well known for its expertise in instrumentation, KLINGER Italy is constantly working to improve and expand its portfolio of level gauges. The team’s latest breakthrough was fueled by customer feedback, reinforcing the KLINGER Group’s goal to remain ever-focused on meeting the needs of the respective markets. While monodirectional and bidirectional floats were already a trusted part of the KLINGER catalogue, an omnidirectional float was overwhelmingly desired among facility and operational staff across multiple industries. After rigorous research and development, KLINGER Italy is now proud to offer this additional float option for its customers.

Mono- versus Bidirectional float

KLINGER monodirectional floats offer a simple and straightforward construction, with immediate and precise response to level changes. Another option is bidirectional floats, which instead feature four magnets placed perpendicular to each other. This alternate configuration allows customers to apply optional devices to the sides of the float, such as magnetic switches or transmitters. Both monodirectional and bidirectional floats must be phased, based on the position of the magnetic fields, in order to facilitate interaction with the visual scale. Further, phasing is also necessary on the bidirectional float to optimize any accessories that are mounted on the gauge.

Flexible and easy to use

KLINGER Italy’s new omnidirectional float offers several advantages over the previous versions of floats. According to the technical office of KLINGER Italy, this float can be used in the same applications as the other floats. The main difference lies in the ease of installation and freedom in the positioning of the accessories. Because omnidirectional floats are configured with a uniform 360° radial magnetic field, they come “ready to use” without the need for phasing. Their magnets are capable of attracting metallic objects from any direction, rather than from merely one direction, as with simple magnets. Further, accessories are easily positioned without the need for precise alignment. This simplified set up and installation process not only reduces the possibility of errors or miscalibration, but also allows the customer to use the float in a much broader variety of possible arrangements.

An omnidirectional magnet is a magnet that generates a uniform magnetic field in all directions. This allows the magnet to attract metal objects from any angle, unlike conventional magnets that only attract from one side.

Increased customization

The increased flexibility offered by the omnidirectional float is a significant advantage when used with hazardous applications, for which the customer may require specialized options such as rotating or remote displays in order to maintain employee safety parameters. Additional accessory choices allow for enhanced customization, creating multiple ways for customers to address the increased vigilance needed when working with dangerous liquids and gases. Customers who require elevated thermal capacity can benefit from KLINGER’s high-performance magnet alloys, which feature excellent energy per unit volume as well as a low temperature coefficient. KLINGER’s magnetic level gauges also offer a high-pressure capacity, up to 312 bar.

Responsive and innovative

Prototypes and production models were carefully developed through empirical study, applying concrete facility data from ideation through launch, to ensure that parameters are on point for the harsh realities of the field environment. By using the building blocks and lessons learned from their floats already proven on site across the globe, the team was able to shorten the runway and bring this highly anticipated product to market in much less time. In this way, KLINGER Italy continues to build trust through innovation, designing products that meet customers’ needs.

Fact box

Did you know ...

  • ... that magnetic level gauges are well suited for toxic, flammable, or otherwise hazardous applications?
  • ... that gauge indicators are subject to strict controls according to ASME / EN standards?
  • ... that their maintenance-free design ensures no downtime, breakage risks, or calibration needs?
  • ... that the KMAG series of gauges is IP66, ATEX 2014-34-EU, and PED 2014-68-EU compliant?
  • ... that these gauges feature an anti-vibration system to ensure continuously accurate visibility?

Learn more about the omnidirectional float for magnetic level gauges at the ACHEMA trade show. Visit the KLINGER Group in hall 8.0 booth B4 and compare the different options live.

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