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Latest news on KLINGER Group

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Nitrogen pressure-reduction station for steel production

KLINGER Spain's nitrogen pressure-reduction station: Pioneering steel production efficiency and safety.

Fighting climate change with solar power

By switching to solar energy, KLINGER Brazil is taking a step towards CO2 neutrality.

Sales partner of the KLINGER Group - Chryssafidis in Greece

Family owned for 142 years, the Chryssafidis Group has built its reputation brick by brick.

Completely Cavity-free for Unimpeded Media Flow

Handling expanding, polymerizing, and crystallizing media poses challenges in both the chemical industry and the process industry.

A New Level of Sustainability with KLINGER Gaja

The use of sustainable raw materials is at the heart of the new KLINGER Gaja gasket. With its outstanding eco-balance, this new product helps companies meet their climate targets.

KLINGER Integrity Services arrive in Saudi Arabia

A partnership between KLINGER UK and Zamil is exceeding expectations: Together, they lift the maintenance of valve systems to a whole new level.

Safety for expanding and critical media

Ball valves are used in numerous industries and various processes when handling rapidly expanding media. Which ones are particularly suitable?

Increased customization for Level Gauges

New product offering: Omnidirectional float for magnetic level gauges for an easy installation.

KLINGER equips Europe’s biggest steam-production plant in Spain

Solar-boiler technology will be providing up to 10 percent of a Spanish brewery’s demand for heat. KLINGER shared crucial technical knowledge and provided valves that can withstand high temperatures and pressures.

KLINGER Group acquires DIUNIS Stanztechnik

KLINGER Group expands its reach by acquiring DIUNIS Stanztechnik, a master in volume gasket manufacturing. What does this mean for the future of sealing solutions?

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