Full steam ahead: KLINGER offers steam audits
Full steam ahead: KLINGER offers steam audits

Steam Audit

KLINGER is providing steam audits as a service, to help customers maximize efficiency, minimize expense and improve safety

Energy management through system monitoring is an important tool for any flow control system, steam included. Plant steam is important for many mission-critical applications, but it can be a complex and expensive system to maintain without the correct guidance. That’s why we offer steam audits as a service: On-site KLINGER inspection and problem solving brings our resources and expertise directly to your door.

Discover plant safty with KLINGER

Decrease energy loss and increase savings

Even a few small tweaks can add up to big savings when it comes to steam systems. Welds, gaskets, and other small components can fail incrementally, creating minute leaks that add up to significant energy losses. Steam traps that cycle at incorrect intervals can reduce performance, through increased fuel use and extended production time. Poor quality steam and other system integrity issues can lead to cost increase and environmental concerns. Thorough physical inspection of your system and scanning with our pipeline analysis software lets you troubleshoot recurring or hidden problems, as well as establishing a baseline to track long-term system behavior. A customized energy report will quantify leaks, inefficiencies, and other potential areas for improvement.

Pre-audit for future planning

If your team is preparing for an upgrade or overhaul to your steam plant, it’s the perfect time to perform a pre-audit. KLINGER can help you map out a plan to meet your facility’s goals while staying within time and budget constraints. Our design experts will optimize your system for maximum efficiency without compromising output. With an expert-approved plan in hand, your long-term budgeting and planning will become more accurate and more effective.

Keep your current and future steam systems running smoothly and efficiently, with expert audit services from KLINGER. Contact your local branch for details.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • What is the steam audit process?
    KLINGER will meet with your team to discuss the current state of your system and any problems or concerns you may have. After inspection and measurements, KLINGER will analyze the results and compare them to appropriate metrics and historical data. If necessary, KLINGER will recommend alterations or upgrades to improve system efficiency and integrity.

  • What problems can a steam audit solve?
    One common problem in steam systems is roughing, or reddish-brown iron deposits that grow on the heat-transfer surfaces of columns, vessels, and piping. A steam audit can identify these areas, determine the extent of the corrosion, and suggest corrective actions to reduce or remove the corrosion.

  • How do teams stay current on steam technology?
    KLINGER provides seminars and training courses to keep your team up to date with the latest steam system research and development. These events may take place at one of KLINGER’s fully equipped learning centers or on your own work site.

Contact KLINGER Companies

KLINGER steam audits worldwide

KLINGER audits are offered worldwide. We bring extensive experience from conventional LDAR survey methodologies to steam trap surveys. This includes key survey elements like asset identification, data management and reporting systems.

Steam Trap Surveys by KLINGER Australia

Utilising our extensive experience in conventional LDAR survey methodology, we systematically screen and analyse steam trap functionality using a combination of visual condition assessment criteria and leak detection technology.

Steam studies, audits and training by KLINGER Belgium

By optimizing your steam systems and keeping your personnel up-to-date with system knowledge, you can optimize production and maintain safety.

Optimization of steam and condensate systems by KLINGER Gebetsroither

KLINGER Gebetsroither has many years of experience and expertise in steam and condensate systems and is an expert in the in the area of saving and increasing safety.

Energy audits by KLINGER Gysi

KLINGER Gysi offers on-site steam trap surveys. The energy report shows valuable management figures such as costs due to energy losses or savings potential due to CO2 emissions.

Steam studies, audits and training by KLINGER The Netherlands

Together with Armstrong International, our leading system solutions partner, KLINGER Netherlands audits steam systems, evaluates thermal systems and offers steam training.

Leak risk managment solutions by KLINGER South Africa

KLINGER South Africa brings extensive experience from conventional LDAR survey methodologies to steam trap surveys. This includes asset identification, data management and reporting systems.

Energy audits of steam traps by KLINGER Spain

KLINGER Spain provides ultrasonic inspections for leakage, obstructions, and indications of wear or tear.

Steam audit by KLINGER Shanghai

In the course of an audit by KLINGER Shanghai, steam energy losses are quantified by examining leak points, and are subsequently compiled in a CMS database with detailed leak source information.

You want to decrease energy losses?

KLINGER offers on-site steam audits to bring our resources and expertise directly to your door. Download white paper and discover our service program.


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Steam audit with KLINGER
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