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Klinger Expert - our versatile gasket calculation software

Next to the certified, high quality of the utilized material, two other factors define the "make or break" of a functioning, tight seal: The selection of a gasket suitable for both the corresponding flange and the intended purpose/medium, and the application of the correct torque.

Focusing its significant experience and expertise, KLINGER Dichtungstechnik has developed a tool to promote and support plant safety in a manner that makes full use of the benefits of the digital and mobile age: "KLINGER Expert", our versatile calculation and gasket selection software, is available for PC platforms as well as for mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. Designed primarily with the needs of the on-site technician in mind, the app is characterized by a clear and concise user interface.

As certifications play an important role in plant safety, the app is also configured to work in tandem with the requirements of a wide range of international standards and approvals, such as for example Fire Safe or the German Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control ("TA Luft").

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