KemProof online torque calculation tool

Torque calculation with the KLINGER KemProof Online-Tool for the correct installation of a gasket

Correct sealing of flange connections is crucial for plant safety and smooth operation of equipment. To make it easier for bolting technicians to calculate the required torque, KLINGER has developed the online tool KLINGER KemProof. The program is available for both desktop and mobile devices, and can be downloaded free of charge.

Download KLINGER KemProof for free

KLINGER KemProof - The Online Tool for Correct Gasket Installation

KLINGER KemProof calculates the required tightening torque of the bolts taking into account various factors, such as DIN or ANSI flange type, additional loads, bolt type and material, pressure, temperature, required leakage class, friction coefficients and seal type. In doing so, the program also meets the minimization requirement of VDI 2290 and thus delivers an optimum result.

The program also offers calculation of the optimum load factors of flanges, bolts and gaskets as well as the flange blade inclination. If the maximum flange blade inclination is exceeded, the program signals this. For DIN EN 1092-1 flanges, a control calculation according to DIN EN 1591-1 is possible, which also takes into account the flange material and the nominal calculation stress.

Mobile use of KLINGER KemProof

KLINGER KemProof can also be used mobile, which enables bolting technicians to calculate the required torque directly at the assembly site. The program is thus a practical and reliable aid for anyone who wants to ensure safe and correct sealing of flanged connections.

Features offered by KLINGER KemProof

The program supplies the tightening torque of the bolts taking into account:

  • DIN, ANSI flange type
  • Additional loads
  • Screw type and screw material
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Required leakage class
  • Coefficients of friction
  • Seal type

KLINGER KemProof is an efficient and user-friendly online tool that helps bolting technicians calculate the torque for correct gasket installation. With the option of mobile use, it is highly convenient and provides reliable help for plant safety and smooth operation of equipment.

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