KLINGER offers a wide range of plant safety trainings. Our “virtual classroom” represents a cost-effective way to prepare your personnel for certification in accordance with EN 1591-4.

In industry, plant safety and reliability are of crucial importance. Sealing solutions can be crucial in preventing leaks, ensuring fluid containment, and maintaining optimal system performance. The selection of the right sealing material is an important aspect to consider, as it affects the overall effectiveness and lifespan of the seal. Professional installation of seals is also important to ensure that the seal functions as intended and that it is properly integrated into the system. In addition to proper installation, the appropriate handling and maintenance of sealing solutions are also critical to ensure their longevity and continued reliability.

Certified training in accordance with EN 1591-4

In order to qualify the ability of personnel to install bolted joints in pressurized systems in critical service, KLINGER offers certified training courses in accordance with EN 1591-4. This ensures that bolting technicians have proven and certified know-how and are well prepared for sealing issues.

E-learning offer from KLINGER

KLINGER offers a wide range of training courses on the subject of plant safety. Our "virtual classroom" is a cost-effective way to prepare employees for certification according to EN 1591-4. KLINGER's e-learning offering answers all questions a bolting technician may have regarding plant safety. Participants can work through the course materials at their preferred pace.

Key Facts:

  • Plant safety and reliability are critical in industry.
  • Sealing solutions play an important role in plant safety.
  • Certified EN 1591-4 training ensures that bolting technicians are fully prepared for sealing issues.
  • KLINGER's e-learning offering provides a cost-effective option for plant safety training.
  • Participants can work through the course material at their preferred pace.
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