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Product catalogue and online ordering system for gaskets, valves and fluid technology

The KLINGER Online Shops offer market-leading industrial technology, sealing solutions, valves, fluid control and fluid monitoring systems. Use our catalog to find the suitable solution for your particular needs. In our catalog you will find premium seals for highest requirements and maximum reliability as well as valves, instumentation and local standard solutions for the leakage-free transport of liquids and gases.

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KLINGER Online Shop. Watch on YouTube.
KLINGER Online Shop. Watch on YouTube.

Suppliers in your region


Your supplier - and online shop - will be selected automatically according to your location. Currently, KLINGER Online Shops are available in the following regions:

  • Argentina - by KLINGER Argentina
  • Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan - by KLINGER Australia
  • Belgium - by KLINGER Belgium
  • Finland - by KLINGER Finland
  • Austria - by KLINGER Gebetsroither
  • South Africa - by KLINGER South Africa
  • Spain - by KLINGER Spain
  • Sweden - by KLINGER Sweden
  • Netherlands - by KLINGER The Netherlands

KLINGER e-commerce solution for industrial customers

KLINGER is proud of the long-term relationships it enjoys with its suppliers, partners and customers. Taking these to the next level, we have developed customized e-commerce solutions to provide our customers with additional, significant savings. Our solution covers:

  • Extensive approvals
  • Directly from stock
  • Regional webshops with automatic supplier selection worldwide
  • E-ordering
  • E-invoicing
  • EDI - electronic data interchange
  • OCI - open catalogue interface

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