The KLINGER service offering is fully aligned with the KLINGER quality standards our customers around the world have come to expect and rely on. We are fully committed to maintaining and continuously improving our high standards with the help of state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

KLINGER offers a comprehensive range of services for customers, including certified training and e-learning options for plant safety, as well as online stores for products such as gaskets, valves, and monitoring systems. The KLINGER Expert gasket calculation software and the KLINGER KemProof online tool facilitate product selection and installation. The range is complemented by on-site services such as steam audits, leak detection, shutdown services and international logistics in more than 60 countries.

KLINGER offers a comprehensive range of services designed to meet customers' high quality standards. Services offered include KLINGER web shops, plant safety training including e-learning options, gasket calculation software called KLINGER Expert, flange management software KLINGER IntegrityXpert, online torque calculation tool KLINGER KemProof, steam audits, leak detection and repair, shutdown services to reduce downtime, and international logistics in over 60 countries worldwide.

Certified EN 1591-4 training helps engineers and technicians maximize plant safety through proper handling, installation and selection of seals. With the KLINGER On Tour Truck, a mobile training platform, training can be conducted directly on-site at the customer's facility. E-learning options provide a cost-effective way to prepare employees for certification.

In the KLINGER online stores, customers can find a wide range of products, including gaskets, valves, fluid control and fluid monitoring systems.

The KLINGER Expert gasket calculation software helps select the right gasket, while KLINGER IntegrityXpert is the flange management software that covers all aspects of flange quality assurance. KLINGER KemProof is an online tool that helps bolting engineers calculate torque for correct gasket installation.

Steam audits and leak detection and repair services use state-of-the-art technologies to detect and eliminate leaks. Shutdown services reduce downtime to a minimum by placing all necessary components directly at the customer's site. KLINGER's international logistics network in more than 60 countries worldwide provides international industrial and system logistics as well as sophisticated assembly solutions for international projects.

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