Sealing sheet material

Our industry-leading range of soft sealing sheet materials

KLINGER offers a wide range of soft gasket sheets based on four product groups: KLINGERSIL, KLINGER TopChem, graphite-based gasket materials and KLINGER Milam.

KLINGERSIL offers excellent resistance in areas such as temperature, mechanical or chemical, which are required by the corresponding target industry. KLINGER top-chem PTFE gasket materials are designed to withstand extreme chemical conditions and offer characteristics such as tightness, resistance to acids and alkaline solutions, and good performance at medium and low temperatures. Graphite laminate gasket materials are suitable for temperatures between -200 °C and up to 550 °C and offer resistance to a wide range of chemicals. KLINGER Milam is a soft gasket material designed for high-temperature applications and can withstand temperatures up to 900 °C in continuous operation.

KLINGERSIL fiber-reinforced gasket sheet materials

Our range of asbestos-free, calendared gasket sealing materials. KLINGERSIL provides excellent resistance (e.g. temperature, mechanical or chemical resistance) in the areas required by the corresponding target industry. Furthermore KLINGERSIL is easy to cut, handle and fit.

Material Types


KLINGER TopChem PTFE gasket materials

Our KLINGER TopChem PTFE-based soft sealing gasket materials guarantee ultimate chemical resistance and are designed to cater for the majority of gasket applications. Products from the KLINGER TopChem PTFE gasket material range are tailored to provide the characteristics required by their target industries. Amongst others, this includes tightness even at low surface pressures, high resistance against strong acids or strong alkaline solutions as well as good properties at medium and low temperatures.

Material types

KLINGER graphite laminate gaskets

Graphite laminate gaskets are suitable for temperatures between -200 °C and up to 550 °C, and offer resistance against a broad range of chemicals. Fitted with an anti-stick finish specifically developed for this purpose, KLINGER graphite laminate gasket materials are easy to remove from the flange – even after exposure to increased temperature levels.

Material types

KLINGER Milam glimmer laminates

KLINGER Milam glimmer laminate, a soft sealing material, has been specifically designed to master the rigors of high-temperature sealing applications. It is the preferred choice for utilization scenarios involving exhaust pipes, turbines, turbochargers and fuel lines, and can withstand temperatures of up to 900 °C in continuous operation.

Material types

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