KLINGER's instrumentation product portfolio
KLINGER's instrumentation product portfolio


KLINGER level gauges, originally invented by Richard Klinger more than 110 years ago, still serve to reliably indicate the liquid level in boilers and vessels today.

KLINGER's level gauges were invented by Richard Klinger more than 110 years ago and are still used today to determine the liquid level in boilers and vessels. The products are characterized by their durability and resistance to acidic and alkaline solutions and are tested for first-class measurement performance, long-term stability and resource-saving properties through continuous quality inspections.

The products offered include manometer cocks, transparent level gauges,reflex level gauge, bi-color level gauges, magnetic level gauges, shut-off fittings, steam applications, accessories and wireless transmitters. These instruments are used all over the world and are characterized by their reliability and economy.

Manometer cocks

Manometer cocks feature a simple and compact design (only one moving part) which guarantees high operation safety and long durability. These robust shut-off cocks are specifically designed to meet an operator’s high measurement engineering requirements. KLINGER manometer cocks stand out due to their reliability and efficiency.

Transparent level gauges

In transparent level gauges the medium is contained within two glasses with smooth surfaces. The level of the medium level can easily be observed by looking through the glass. Thanks to resistance of the utilized materials, this level gauge is particularly suitable for use with aggressive media or steam. Protective mica shields can optionally be installed between the medium and the glass.

In order to improve visibility under special operating conditions, an illuminator can be mounted on one side of the transparent level gauge.

A105 and SS 316L are utilized as standard materials - alloy or other materials are available on demand.

Reflex level gauges

Reflex level gauges allow the medium to be viewed through a reflex glass: The side of the glass exposed to the medium has a prismatic surface, while the other side is smooth. The medium level inside the level gauge is indicated by means of the light refraction principle, i.e.  the liquid-filled area completely absorbs the rays of light and appears dark, while the rays of light are fully reflected in the gas / air-filled area, which subsequently appears bright.

Reflex level gauges offer great advantages in terms of low purchase and maintenance costs as well as with regard to easy level reading. However, they cannot be used in certain cases, for example when the separation level between two liquids has to be read, when discerning the liquid color is required or when high-pressure water steam has to be measured.

A105 and SS 316L are utilized as standard materials - alloy or other materials are available on demand.

Bi-color level gauges

Bi-color level gauges are primarily used to measure high-pressure water steam. These gauges feature two flat transparent glasses, which are mounted at an angle to each other. Together with the gauge body, they form the chamber containing the medium.

A special red and green illuminator, which serves to create a double lighting system, is mounted on the rear side of the gauge body. In this context, red is used for steam and green for the liquid.

As standard material A105 is utilized.

Magnetic level gauges

KLINGER magnetic level gauges are particularly suitable for applications featuring toxic or hazardous liquids or gases or whenever an immediate and safe response to a level change is required. Magnetic level gauges provide perfect visibility and a continuous indication of the level of the medium. Readings can be taken either locally on a display or remotely.

The simple concept of the magnetic level gauge allows for flexible design to adapt to a variety of installation requirements. They can be manufactured to an almost unlimited length and in any configuration.

Shut-off fittings

KLINGER offers a wide range of shut-off fittings in the form of gauge cocks and valves with an integral safety ball. The gauge cocks are soft seated and have a replaceable packing sleeve. The gauge valves, on the other hand, are metal seated valves that feature a rotatable union to gauge connection.

Steam applications

KLINGER offers a wide range of products for steam applications. Amongst others, KLINGER’s steam and vapor portfolio includes steam traps, flow indicators with integral flanges, as well as forged steel Y-strainers and cocks. Renowned for their quality, strength and design concept, these steam application products are the preferred choice of operators around the world.


KLINGER also provides a wide range of level gauge accessories to meet the specific demands of customers:

The range includes:

  • LED Illuminators
  • Anti-Frost blocks
  • Mica protective shields
  • Level gauge body heating systems
  • Graduated scales

Wireless transmitters

Wireless technology in industrial applications allows for maximum flexibility in the installation of new measuring points, which can be seamless integrated into distributing control systems. The wireless solutions on offer include wireless field instruments, mobile computing devices, wireless networks, advanced applications and services, such as consulting, design, installation, commissioning and support.

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