Gaskets and Seals

Our complete range of gaskets for all applications

As the world’s leading manufacturer and provider of industrial sealing materials, KLINGER’s product portfolio of gaskets remains at the forefront of sealing technologies.

From the revolutionary development of the compressed fiber gasket to the advanced sealing material technology of today, product development, innovation and problem-solving abilities have always been the pillars of our operating philosophy.

Gaskets manufactured directly by KLINGER or from KLINGER materials are found wherever fluids or gases have to be safely contained in pipelines and vessels. Fully committed to this approach, our gaskets ensure reliable and safe operation – without leakages and subsequent harm or material damage.


KLINGER has repeatedly set milestones with the durability of CNAF (compressed non-asbestos fibre) meaning calendared fiber-reinforced sealing materials. KLINGERSIL provides excellent resistances (e.g. temperature, mechanical or chemical resistance) in the areas required by the corresponding target industry. Furthermore, KLINGERSIL is easy to cut, handle and fit.


Our offer of soft sealing material based on PTFE guarantees maximum chemical resistance and is designed to satisfy most gasket applications. The products of KLINGER's superior chemical product range are tailored to provide the features required by the respective industries. Among others, this includes sealing even at low surface pressures, high resistance against strong acids or strong alkaline solutions, as well as good properties at medium and low temperatures.

KLINGER Graphite gaskets

Graphite-based gaskets are suitable for temperatures between -200 °C and up to 550 °C, and offer resistance against a wide range of chemical products. Equipped with a non-stick finish developed specifically for this purpose, KLINGER's graphite-based gasket materials are easy to remove from the flange, even after exposure to high temperatures.

Metallic gaskets

These gaskets, along with the older style jacketed gaskets are widely used in petrochemical applications. Metallic gaskets often utilize a soft sealing medium such as graphite in conjunction with the metal to create a high-strength, high-integrity gasket. This results in joints with very high leak-tightness.

KLINGER manufactures metallic gaskets in a wide range of alloys to cover even the most chemically aggressive applications.

Material Types

  • Spiral wound gaskets
  • Corrugated gaskets
  • Kammprofile gaskets
  • Ring type Joints

Elastomere gaskets

Rubber-steel gaskets are employed wherever safe sealing of either conventional or special industrial media, either in the form of liquids or gases, is required. They are typically employed to ensure exceptionally low leak rates and are also the optimal solution in cases where operators have to work with low bolt loads and relatively low temperatures. The steel support ring prevents a blowout of the gasket and increases stability, allowing for easy handling, even when confronted with challenging fitting conditions.

KLINGER KGS gaskets can be used in combination with all types of flange materials, ranging from plastic to steel, and are provided in a wide range of shapes and dimensions.. Amongst others, the product offering includes the EN 1514-1 as well as several sizes of the ANSI standard. KLINGER KGS gaskets comprise the rubber types NBR, EPDM, FKM; other builds are provided on demand.

KLINGER KGS gaskets are characterized by an extremely good adhesion between the rubber und the steel ring, resulting in a robust and safe sealing product. As such, it offers numerous major advantages, including easy handling, ruggedness and superior sealing capabilities. Last but not least, it also guarantees tightness in tandem with uneven (coated) flanges frequently encountered in potable water applications.

KLINGER sealex

KLINGER sealex is a high-quality ePTFE sealing tape.

The high adaptability, extreme chemical resistance and a wide temperature range of -196 °C to +260 °C make this "seal off the roll“ an excellent problem-solver.

FDA conformity, TA-Luft (Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control) compliance, oxygen test for gaseous oxygen service and the DVGW certificate VP 403 underline its versatility.

If things need to get done quickly – KLINGER sealex!

Compression packings

Compression packings are used to provide an effective sealing function in valves, rotary and reciprocating pump applications.

KLINGER’s product offering ranges from economical traditional packings to high specification PTFE grades, which utilize state of the art technology to produce a product capable of coping with the highest demands of a modern fluid handling system.

Insulation sets

Insulation sets are primarily used in petrochemical applications to electrically isolate two mating flanges. This reduces the likelihood of creating a galvanic cell which would result in corrosion of the flanges and pipework. Insulation sets are also employed to prevent the flow of electrostatic charges and to reduce sparking in hazardous environments.

Each flange insulation set comprises one insulating  gasket, one insulation sleeve as well as insulating washers for each bolt. These sets are individually packed and clearly labeled with the flange rating, size, type and material combination.

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