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The “Mercedes” of ball valves for District Heating

KLINGER Monoball KHO - a robust ball valve optimized for district heating requirements. Various versions, fully welded with thread or flanges.

With the Monoball KHO, KLINGER Fluid Control is launching a new, even more robust ball valve.

District heating pipes are like an accordion. They constantly expand and contract. They are hundreds of kilometers long and seasonal pressure and temperature fluctuations cause enormous changes in length. They have to withstand all this to keep us comfortably warm.


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Discover the Monoball KHO

This is true not only for the pipes, but also for the ball valves, which are placed between the pipes at regular intervals in order to be able to shut off the water if necessary. In particular, the weld seams of these ball valves are placed under extreme stress. If they were to fail, the heating supply would be disrupted, and extensive excavation work would be needed. To prevent this, KLINGER Fluid Control (KFC) is launching a whole new generation of ball valves: the Monoball KHO.


Monoball KHO: approximately 15,000 units of the new premium product are to be produced in 2022.
Monoball KHO: approximately 15,000 units of the new premium product are to be produced in 2022.

Single cast housing

The KLINGER Monoball KHO is a true product innovation: “We have set ourselves the goal of improving good products and at the same time offering them more cost-effectively,” says Xaver Gruber, Managing Director of KLINGER FLUID CONTROL. Whereas ball valves used to be welded together from bent metal pipes, the Monoball KHO is a new approach:

Xaver Gruber, Managing Director of KLINGER Fluid Control

„The Monoball KHO has a neatly cast housing that can absorb even more force than the previous model. Inside, there is a ball with a full bore to keep the flow losses to a minimum, instead of a tube bent into a ball as before.“

Xaver Gruber, Managing Director of KLINGER Fluid Control


KLINGER Fluid Control made a conscious decision to increase quality. After all, we want to do justice to the company’s reputation and offer the “Mercedes of ball valves”, as Gruber puts it.

One ball valve, many models

This “Mercedes” is available in a variety of models. Models with threads or flanges can be adapted to customer requirements with very little effort. “The modular design means we only have to import a few parts. We receive a housing that we can customize on site,” says Gruber. The precision casting of the housing is a complicated process in which a thin-walled steel casting is created around a wax mold. Its low weight saves material and transport costs. “Casting requires more personnel, but we can reduce the processing time in Gumpoldskirchen and make optimal use of the available resources,” explains Gruber.


KLINGER Monoball KHO 25 FL

KLINGER Monoball KHO 25R20 SZ KK.

KLINGER Monoball KHO 25 FS

KLINGER Monoball KHO 25 S

KLINGER Monoball KHO 125 S ISO

KLINGER Monoball KHO 125 S U

The many models of the new Monoball KHO ball valve
The many models of the new Monoball KHO ball valve


Unbeatable value for the money

The KHO ball valves were previously produced with a partner in Hungary. Now, KLINGER Fluid Control is moving the entire production to the Austrian site in Gumpoldskirchen. The plan is to outperform the competition thanks to the unbeatable price-quality ratio: “We are the only ones offering a cast metal housing. Penetration welding is used where welds are required. The Monoball KHO does not have any weaknesses,” proudly explains Gruber.

Fact box

At a glance: Advantages of the Monoball KHO

  • Maintenance free
  • High resistance to pipeline forces
  • The only product on the market with full penetration welds
  • Multiple, durable shaft stem sealing
  • EN 488:2019 and EHP003 certified
  • Meets the requirements of the AGFW worksheet FW 401 – Part 5
  • Spring-loaded gasket elements with disc springs made of stainless steel
  • Long shaft for insulation
  • Shaft stem made of stainless steel
  • Can be pressurized on both sides


Discover the Monoball KHO

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • Where is the Monoball KHO used?
    The Monoball KHO is used to control district heating systems. As a so-called district heating valve, it can shut off or release the flow of water in district heating pipes. This ball valve is required in the entire district heating network between heat generation and consumers, but above all where maintenance and repairs are very expensive, i.e. in the rapidly growing underfloor area.

  • What were the previous models of the Monoball KHO?
    KLINGER offered the two ball valves Monolith KHO and Monoball KHM, whose excellent product properties and attractive prices have now been combined in the Monoball KHO.

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