Latest news on KLINGER Group
Latest news on KLINGER Group

KLINGER FiT: Torque application trainer for engineers with numerous features

Torque application training with KLINGER FiT: Sequence of bolting, correct torque, leakage rate, various sealing materials, forces across the flange

Sealing technology-related plant safety is based on three pillars: The selection of suitable gaskets and valves for the desired process, their correct installation and last but not least, applying the correct torque to bolted connections. KLINGER FiT, a multi-feature torque application trainer, helps bolting technicians to train and perfect the required skillsets.

Also Mark Garvelink of KLINGER B.V. tries his hand at KLINGER FiT

Wolfgang Kohlbacher of KLINGER Dichtungstechnik has just taken to the stage at KLINGER's annual interna-
tional sealing conference. He shares the spotlight with a device that resembles a vertically installed pipe section with a flange connection on top. Using a torque wrench, he gets to work on the first bolt. A screen in the background depicts the force he is applying by means of a vertical bar. A satisfactory "beep" and a green check mark later, we know that Wolfgang is no stranger to the skills every bolting technician should have. And he has just presented KLINGER's latest innovation to ensure that plant personnel meet the requirements of the EN 1591-4 (Flanges and their joints – Part 4: Qualification of personnel competency in the assembly of the bolted connections of critical service pressurized systems): KLINGER FiT.

Wolfgang Kohlbacher of KLINGER Dichtungstechnik - holding a talk on the benefits of KLINGER's torque application trainer.


Hands-on experience
Next to providing bolting technicians with the ability to apply the correct torque, KLINGER FiT also trains the sequence in which the bolts have to be tightened. The underlying software can also display a session's history, allowing the user to review previous attempts and track his or her progress. The program, however, can do a lot more. In fact, it measures five distinct parameters: The leakage rate (if any) depending on the applied torque, the effects of using different sealing materials, the corresponding setting behavior of the selected gasket, the actual torque, the distribution of forces across the flange and the impact that tightening the bolts in a specific sequence, or having to revisit a bolt, will have. Wolfgang Kohlbacher: "KLINGER FiT stands for the highest level of ‘learning by doing' achievable in a precisely simulated environment. Next to allowing bolting technicians to improve their skills without having to worry about adverse effects on an existing pipe system, it also enables them to experiment with different sealing materials and techniques in order to comprehend the various aspects required to achieve tightness to atmosphere."

KLINGER FiT can be ordered for training sessions at either KLINGER training centers around the globe or at your premises through your local KLINGER company.

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