Propelling the Future: KLINGER Westad supplies valves for LNG tankers
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KLINGER Denmark and Westad impress by its range of seals and valves for the maritime industry

Gaskets and valves for the maritime industry: KLINGER Denmark and KLINGER Westad at the SMM marine trade fair

With roughly 50.000 visitors from all over the world, the SMM 2010 has clearly demonstrated its prominent role as being the leading International Maritime Trade Fair today.

KLINGER Denmark and KLINGER Westad are leading companies when it comes to valves and seals for the maritime industry. Both companies presented their products at the SMM shipping fair in 2016 and were able to convince numerous customers and interested parties. The trade fair is considered the leading event for the international shipping industry and attracted a lot of attention with around 50,000 visitors from all over the world.

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Discover KLINGER Marine in Denmark

Discover KLINGER Marine in Norway

The KLINGER Group was once again able to demonstrate its competence and expertise in the marine sector at SMM 2016. In particular, the presentation of the broad and customized product portfolio of KLINGER Denmark and KLINGER Westad met with great interest among the visitors. National and international customers as well as potential new customers took the opportunity to talk to the KLINGER experts about their specific requirements and to learn about innovative solutions.

The positive atmosphere at the trade fair also provided an ideal platform for inspiring exchanges and discussions. The KLINGER Group was thus not only able to strengthen its presence in the shipping industry, but also to establish valuable contacts and expand business relationships.

Overall, the participation at SMM 2016 was a great success for KLINGER Denmark, KLINGER Westad and the entire KLINGER Group. With their high quality products and services, they continue to be well positioned to meet the growing demands and needs of the maritime industry and to provide innovative and customized solutions to their customers.

KLINGER Group at the leading International Maritime Trade Fair

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