Latest news on KLINGER Group
Latest news on KLINGER Group
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KLINGER in Shanghai expands service and test center

KLINGER in Shanghai increases capacity and improves technology ✔ Valves service center ✔ Cutting center ✔ Material testing laboratory ✔ New warehouse

Upgrades at KLINGER in Shanghai will increase capacity and improve technology.

When KLINGER first partnered with Die Erste, the newly formed JV company made it their goal to ensure high valve quality by controlling the entire supply chain from founding to the finished product. Using the KLINGER S&D network would open up markets around the globe. This is also how KLINGER Die Erste valves found their way into the Chinese market – by selling through KLINGER Shanghai. Now, further expansion in the location will increase service and supply offerings with a variety of new and upgraded buildings and tools.

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Complete end-to-end valve solutions

KLINGER Shanghai has established partner relations with Eurotec China and API China, culminating in a new 32,291 square feet (3,000 m2) joint office for the technical, product, and sourcing departments. This trio of company resources will offer complete end-to-end solutions for electric and pneumatic valves in the chemical, energy, water treatment, ship building, steam, and pulp and paper industries.

David Xiang, Managing Director at KLINGER Shanghai

„KLINGER renewed their Shanghai valves service center in 2021. This will help KLINGER Shanghai to provide service business to key customers.“

David Xiang, Managing Director at KLINGER Shanghai


Increased gasket capacity and testing

Further additions include a new cutting center and a new material testing laboratory, which will drastically increase capacity for gasket production and performance testing. Cutting capacity in the 8,611 square feet (800 m2) workshop will increase by 15,000 non-metallic units and 14,000 metallic units per day, spread across 6 machines. An additional fiber laser cutting machine will also be installed.

New lab equipment will be able to test such specifications as compressive strength, rebound rate, compression rate, and density. Intelligent machines will offer the capacity to measure mechanical properties and sealing capability, as well as creep rate and relaxation rate of gaskets at different temperatures. The detection process can be fully automated, including reports and experimental curves. The lab will assist customers with product performance testing and will also partner with well-known universities in the sealing industry to organize regular seminars for education and training purposes.


The expansion of KLINGER in Shanghai offers room for increased service and supply offerings
The expansion of KLINGER in Shanghai offers room for increased service and supply offerings.

A new laboratory is also part of the upgrade at KLINGER Shanghai
A new laboratory is also part of the upgrade at KLINGER Shanghai.

More service, more storage

Based on the current 6,458 square feet (600 m2) Die Erste factory in China, KLINGER is investing in a new 450m2 service center to expand on current service offerings. This new building will include 3 sets of hydrostatic test equipment for ball valves, butterfly valves, and GGC valves; 3 sets of machines to perform air pressure testing, fully enclosed sand blasting, and ultrasonic cleaning; and 2 sets of instruments for hardness testing and roughness testing.

Finally, a new warehouse will focus on the sealing side of KLINGER’s offerings, storing a large variety of safety stock to increase inventory availability and improve delivery speed for the region. This will cover multiple product families, creating better service opportunities for both new and repeat customers. The facility has obtained a manufacturing license and is currently in the process of preparing for ISO9001 application.

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The new warehouse will focus on the sealing side of KLINGER’s offerings
The new warehouse will focus on the sealing side of KLINGER’s offerings.

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