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Sales partner of the KLINGER Group - Chryssafidis in Greece

Family owned for 142 years, the Chryssafidis Group has built its reputation brick by brick.

Meet KLINGER’s Sales Partners!

The majority of our customers have already been in contact with our sales partners: Those are the companies who support us in marketing our products and promoting our services. All of them act as resellers, providing expertise and onsite services. Still, some of them go far beyond that, and market products they diligently manufacture under the KLINGER license. In this series, we bring a few of our international sales partners out from behind the curtain – to give you an idea of the important work they do.

International sales partners mean many advantages for our customers:

  • shorter delivery routes
  • faster delivery
  • flexibility
  • local production, cutting or assembly as a sustainability measure
  • reliability even in times of global supply bottlenecks
  • service in the local language

Contacts mentioned in the article:

Antonis Kovas, Steam Product Manager of Chryssafidis SA

Founded in 1882, Chryssafidis is one of KLINGER’s most enduring sales partners. Hailing from Greece, the eponymous owner started selling KLINGER products soon after the Second World War. This began an alliance that grew to multiple KLINGER locations. When the final named Chryssafidis passed away in the early 1990s, fourth generation nephew Alexander Makridis returned from his work at Goldman Sachs in the United States to assume leadership. Under his purview, the group expanded to 150 employees across southeastern Europe and Nigeria.

Alexander Makridis is the fourth generation of the Chryssafidis family.

Chryssafidis was founded by the eponymous family in 1882.

Knowledge for steam applications

Pairing quality products with technical expertise has been a cornerstone of the brand since day one. According to Antonis Kovas, Steam Product Manager of Chryssafidis S.A. for 22 years, each engineer is extensively trained to develop a focused skill set: “We are increasing our technical expertise, so we can support customers better. We are considered the foremost specialists in steam applications in Greece.” Steam is popular across multiple verticals, particularly in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries. KLINGER valves and specialized gaskets are key products in this space, as are level gauges for steam boilers and marine applications.

Specialists for process optimization

With many decades of reliability under their belts, Chryssafidis is garnering attention in the industry.  Chryssafidis is ISO and TÜV certified and was awarded the Athens Chamber of Industry and Commerce “Prize of Excellence and Tradition.” Further, Chryssafidis’ employees have spoken by awarding Chryssafidis Group the “Great Place to Work” distinction. With ample opportunities to upskill, employees are celebrating both their own careers and the company culture, which includes three key values – Passion, Devotion and Teamwork.

As Antonis reiterates, employee quality is fundamental to the group’s success: “Our strategy is to have specialized engineers support customers at the highest level by constantly adding value to their production lines and processes. In addition to working with excellent partners like KLINGER, our key advantage is the high quality of specialized engineers on the job.”

Fact box

Did you know ...

  • ...that the KLINGER level gauges used in steam applications were invented more than 110 years ago?
  • ...that the KLINGERSIL C-4433 “steam sheet” is viable in many solvents, gases, and oils?
  • ...that the KLINGER KVN piston valve offers custom features, like end position detection and an oxygen version (free from oil, grease, and silicone)?
  • ...that the KLINGER Steam Condensate Collection Manifold is maintenance-free?
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