Latest news on KLINGER Group
Latest news on KLINGER Group

Precise level indication for toxic and hazardous media

KLINGER Italy launches KMAG range of magnetic level gauges

KLINGER Italy is counted among the KLINGER Group’s instrumentation experts. Effective September 2019, less than one year after project initiation, the company has expanded its portfolio of glass level gauges to include magnetic level gauges. These measurement devices are now sold under the product name KMAG. They have been specifically developed for applications involving steam as well as toxic or hazardous liquids and gases. Furthermore, they can be utilized whenever a safe and immediate response to a level change is required.

“Our new KLINGER KMAG magnetic level gauges, which also feature an anti-vibration system, ensure that operators benefit from perfect visibility and continuous indication of the gas or liquid level,” confirms Andrea Piazzolla, Technical Manager MLG Project at KLINGER Italy, “observing the fill level of the respective medium can be achieved either on the fully rotatable display or via remote access.” According to Mr. Piazzolla, the KMAG series has been primarily designed with flexibility in mind. Its virtually unlimited size and configuration options make it ideal for a variety of installations and requirements. “These level gauges are made of fully welded steel. They are suitable for toxic, flammable or otherwise hazardous applications and can also be used in combination with highly aggressive chemicals,” explains Andrea Piazzolla. In terms of response to the new product, he points to orders received and the first deliveries to an important domestic customer. He adds: “As the level gauges are also maintenance-free, provide a clear reading of the fluid level and can be rendered in all lengths, we expect other companies from this sector as well as from the industries chemicals and energy as well as refineries to soon follow suit.”


“Customers can now rely on our high-quality products to have all their level indication demands met, both with regard to hazardous and non-hazardous media.”

Raffaele Pittaluga, Managing Director of KLINGER Italy

Available and upcoming magnetic level gauge models

KLINGER Italy has launched its new product line with the models KMAG 600 and KMAG 900. The three-digit designation refers to the applicable ANSI classes, i.e. the pressure-temperature ratings of pipe flanges as specified by the safety standards of the American National Standards Institute. “Work on a KMAG 300 model is already underway. This addition to our instrumentation range will be available soon,” explains Mr. Piazzolla. He adds: “As of 2020, we will focus on further enhancing the KMAG offering with models specifically designed for high-pressure environments.” The company’s technical manager MLG project reveals that electronic support products are also on the horizon, and will comprise reed magnetic switches and transmitters.

IP66, ATEX 2014-34-EU and PED 2014-68-EU compliant

In order to ensure maximum plant safety and reliability, the KMAG series has undergone thorough testing. This is underlined by the fact that it is compliant with the ATEX 2014-34-EU directive, which governs equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Furthermore, it also fulfills the requirements of the PED 2014-68-EU. This pressure equipment directive applies to the design, manufacture and conformity assessment of stationary pressure equipment with a maximum allowable pressure greater than 0.5 bar. Last but not least, KLINGER Italy has also obtained an IP66 rating for the visual scale. This guarantees complete tightness against contact contamination and protection against powerful fluid jets. “The new magnetic level gauges are the logical expansion to our already existing instrumentation offering, which already includes a broad range of glass level indicators,” concludes Raffaele Pittaluga, Managing Director of KLINGER Italy, “customers can now rely on our high-quality products to have all their level indication demands met, both with regard to hazardous and non-hazardous media."

The new magnetic level gauges are sold under the product name KLINGER KMAG

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