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Pedal power - how KLINGER Belgium is building schools in Africa

As Frank Dezwarte bikes his way across Africa, he leaves nothing than joy behind

An avid cyclist, KLINGER Belgium’s Frank Dezwarte is no stranger to pushing through a challenging journey. The division manager has turned his beloved machine into a charitable engine, pedaling through the miles as he racks up funds for a non-profit organization that builds schools in Africa. Vélo Afrique coordinates and monitors social projects across the continent, offering guided mountain biking tours that raise money to provide education to native youth. Cyclists visit the children during their ride, allowing them to see the results of the group’s efforts.

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Frank Dezwarte, Division Manager Filtration at KLINGER Belgium

Supporting the "L'arc-en-ciel" School in Rwanda

Frank’s most recent trip was to Musanze in northwest Rwanda, where the school L'arc-en-ciel is undergoing relocation and expansion to accommodate a larger population. This project will purchase land and build a facility that seats 120 pupils, allowing the school to self-finance instead of paying rent. Children from 3 to 12 years old will receive education at the new location. His previous trips included routes through Cameroon and Oeganda, with a total of five schools and training centers built to date.

Musanze in northwest Rwanda: The school L'arc-en-ciel will soon be able to self-finance.

Putting mechanic skills to good use

When he isn’t riding himself, Frank still contributes to the cause by making sure his fellow cyclists are properly outfitted. He repairs and refurbishes bicycles in his spare time, selling them for a profit that also goes directly to Vélo Afrique. He plans to put his mechanic skills to official use in December 2023, when he will journey to Sokone, Senegal, as an official member of the tour crew.

Frank Dezwarte likes to cycle for a good cause.

Local commitment with global impact

Frank is eager to spread the word and share his work with others, explaining that he is “so proud to be a part of this special journey.” This cause is truly a “triple  sweet ”: enjoying a team sport while also traveling the world and supporting a worthy cause is a masterful combination. KLINGER Belgium agrees, and thus has decided to make a donation of their own to Vélo Afrique. As a company founded on research and development, KLINGER knows that education is an investment in a brighter future.

Fact box

Did you know ...

  • ...KLINGER Belgium is conveniently located in the municipality of Vilvoorde, just outside Brussels, where it serves the Belgian market and GH Luxembourg.
  • ...KLINGER Belgium offers same day delivery to many local customers, featuring a high level of automation for safe and efficient service.
  • ...KLINGER Belgium earned NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015 certification, proving their dedication to customer satisfaction and regulatory conformity.
  • ...KLINGER Belgium employs a team of specialists in the fields of steam and condensate, valves and gaskets, filtration and hoses, and compensators.
  • ...KLINGER Belgium runs their own laboratories, where they design and test materials for leak free fluid and gas transport. The group’s 137 years of experience combines with the latest advances in modern product development, creating state of the art fluid technology backed by decades of experience.
  • … KLINGER Belgium acquired Philippe Jans, a Belgian supplier of rubber products for technical applications. KLINGER strengthens its position as a supplier of industrial sealing solutions.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How does KLINGER's social engagement align with its business operations?

As a company founded on research and development, KLINGER understands the value of education and knowledge. Its support for social causes like Vélo Afrique reflects their belief in the importance of education as a catalyst for positive change and growth.

How does KLINGER ensure the funds raised reach the intended beneficiaries?

KLINGER supports initiatives like Vélo Afrique to ensure transparency and accountability in all their charitable activities. They are committed to making sure every cent goes to the intended beneficiaries and makes a real difference.

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