KLINGER Gebetsroither online shop for industrial sealing and fluid control
KLINGER Vertrieb und Onlineshop

KLINGER Gebetsroither online shop for industrial sealing and fluid control

E-commerce solution featuring the full gasket, valve, instrumentation, technical products and hot water technology range

KLINGER Gebetsroither, the Austrian supplier of gaskets, valves, instrumentation, technical products and manufacturer of hot water solutions has launched its very own online shop. Effective immediately, registered customers can access the online store to purchase the high-quality KLINGER and third-party products they require in a user-friendly and efficient manner. Marco Schuller, in charge of E-Business, ERP and IT at KLINGER Gebetsroither, shares why the shop is well worth visiting.

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Online Shop KLINGER Gebetsroiter

“The online shop of KLINGER Gebetsroither can be reached by simply typing ‘klinger.shop’ into your browser bar,” says Marco Schuller and adds: “As you will see, it is actually a lot more than just a streamlined e-commerce solution.” Mr. Schuller explains that the entire product catalog of the company has been mirrored in the online store and divided into five categories, i.e. gaskets, valves, instrumentation, technical products and hot water solutions. And that is just the start. “Our online shop also functions as a technical library and as an information platform,” he states, and scrolls down to the image of a KLINGER Ballostar KHA-FL Xc ball valve. Upon clicking it, we are presented with a brief product introduction, the product details, technical data and a download section, which features catalogs and operating manuals made available as cross-operating system and cross-platform-compatible .pdf-files. “We deal in plant safety,” says Mr. Schuller, “providing our clients with all the information required to help them make the right choice for their application is not just an additional benefit: We see it as our responsibility to do so. And this is why we maintain this high level of transparency with regard to our product features.”

Schuller Marco bei KLINGER Gebetsroither

“We see it as our responsibility to provide our clients with extensive information to help them make the right choice for their application. This is why we maintain such a high level of transparency with regard to our product specifications.”

Marco Schuller, E-Business, ERP & IT at KLINGER Gebetsroither

Registration unlocks additional features such as availability, pricing and order repetition

Asked who the potential users of the online shop are, Marco Schuller answers: “Due to the wide range of products they require as well as the volumes involved, large companies typically employ their own e-commerce solutions. Our virtual store therefore addresses small and medium-sized companies. Our intention is to offer them a comparable platform and the corresponding benefits when ordering from us.” KLINGER Gebetsroither’s E-Business, ERP and IT manager is also quick to point out the numerous advantages of registering with the online shop: “Next to a complete overview and comprehensive information on our products, a registered user also has access to the agreed upon item prices and can also review the quantities currently in stock – the latter, by the way, is updated in real-time.”

KLINGER Gebetsroither Shop - Kugelhahn Ballostar KHA-FL Xc

Powerful customization options help shape the online shop the user needs

Understanding that no two users are alike and that industries have different requirements and preferences, KLINGER Gebetsroither’s online shop also offers a wide range of customizations features. They include, amongst others, the option to specify particular users as buyers and to assign them individual purchasing limits. A customer, on the other hand, who buys more or less the same stock at regular intervals, can make use of an order repeating function. And companies primarily active in the project management business will be pleased to learn that they can create, name and store project-related baskets, for example for a specific type of construction site.

KLINGER Gebetsroither’s online shop – the best of both worlds for your standard orders

Taking into account the many benefits of the new online shop, Mr. Schuller concludes: “If you are working on a project that you want to discuss in detail with us or are generally more comfortable talking to our technical sales colleagues, then by all means please do. Our online store is not meant as a replacement for face-to-face communication, nor would we wish it to be so.” He continues: “If, for example, your order is fairly standard, you are already familiar with e-commerce solutions, or you simply wish to replenish your stock, then why not give our online shop a try? Others already have, and the feedback received so far has been excellent. We hope you will agree that we have managed to combine the best of both worlds – our superior quality, know-how and decades of experience, coupled with the efficiency, ease, depth of information and the many other benefits offered by digitalization.”

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • Who can place an order in the KLINGER online shop?
    All regular KLINGER customers can place an order. Your personal account manager will be happy to activate your account.

  • How many products are available at KLINGER online shop?
    KLINGER offers around 7,500 products in its online shop.

Visit KLINGER Online Shop

KLINGER Gebetsroither Onlineshop
The entire portfolio of KLINGER Gebetsroither can be ordered via the online shop. Comprehensive information ensures that the right product choice is always made.

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