Latest news on KLINGER Group
Latest news on KLINGER Group

Change of executive management: Daniel Schibli new CEO of the KLINGER Group

The new CEO of the KLINGER Group, Daniel Schibli, takes over the management of the business units Fluid Control and Service & Distribution.

Daniel Schibli is the new CEO of the KLINGER Group and takes over from former CEO Heinz Scharl.

Born in 1963, Daniel Schibli studied economy before entering the business world. His previous positions include CFO & Deputy CEO at AEW Energie AG and AEW Group, at ABB High Voltage Technology and Colenco Gropu. Daniel Schibli has a history with the company, having served as CFO between 2002 and 2009, and as a member of the board, he also led KLINGER’s overseas companies from 2007 to 2009.

Daniel Schibli is Swiss and happily married with four children.

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Daniel Schibli new CEO of the KLINGER Group
Daniel Schibli new CEO of the KLINGER Group

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