Latest news on KLINGER Group
Latest news on KLINGER Group
KLINGER South Africa opens branch for Fluid Sealing and Fluid Control in Mossel Bay
Latest news on KLINGER Group

KLINGER South Africa opens branch for Fluid Sealing and Fluid Control in Mossel Bay

Major customer PetroSA benefits from proximity to new KLINGER South Africa branch: Field services as well as fluid sealing and fluid controll solutions

Mossel Bay is the latest branch to be opened by KLINGER South Africa. It has been established to provide potential and existing customers in the area with field services as well as fluid sealing and fluid control products and solutions. Headed by Branch Manager Johan Vogel and featuring a complement of technicians and sales persons, Mossel Bay is literally on the doorstep of a refinery belonging to the national oil company PetroSA, one of KLINGER South Africa’s key customers.

“We have been working with PetroSA for 27 years,” confirms Phillip Herbst, Managing Director of KLINGER South Africa. Referring to the latest branch opened by his company as well its short distance to the customer’s refinery and two further business locations, he adds: “We believe in proximity in all of its facets. This includes in-depth knowledge of facilities and operations to provide tailored products and solutions. It also extends to being geographically close to the customer, with an on-site presence as well as branches in the direct vicinity.”

from left to right: Divan Howell and Jacqueline Jansen are both members of the Mossel Bay sales team

New branch ready to serve customers in the Mossel Bay / George Area

Branch Manager Johan Vogel is very proud of what has been achieved in a comparatively short time: “Serious planning for our new presence in Mossel Bay started in July 2019. We were open for business a mere four months later.” The successful establishment of the new branch means that KLINGER South Africa is now able to directly offer the Mossel Bay and George area its full portfolio: Fluid sealing and fluid control products and solutions as well as field services. One of the main beneficiaries is PetroSA. “The national oil company has been relying on us for almost three decades,” explains Mr. Vogel, adding: “In the course of our mutual partnership, we have ensured leak-free startups and mitigated downtime at the plant. In combination with our already existing office on their premises, the new branch will help us to even better serve their various shutdown and on-site service needs.” Based on past experience, services requested from KLINGER in Mossel Bay should include on-line leak sealing, flange management and machining, hydraulic bolt torqueing, tightening as well as bolt tensioning.

KLINGER provides full range of fluid sealing and control products for South Africa

With a current total of ten business locations and a permanent staff of 384, KLINGER is perfectly set up to master any fluid sealing or control challenge that might arise in the country. This is further underlined by the duality of the company: Not only does it distribute, install and maintain a wide range of gaskets and valves, it is also one of the KLINGER Group’s manufacturers of high-quality solutions for the sealing industry. Again referring to Mossel Bay and the companies present there, Johan Vogel highlights the products that will be most in demand: “Maxiflex spiral wound and Maxiprofile kammprofile gaskets, ring type joints, double jackets, KLINGERSIL C-4461 Topmic and Hygrade LS PTFE as well as Teflon sheets and pre-cut gaskets immediately come to mind. On the valves-side our offering will primarily focus on butterfly valves with gearboxes as well as on third-party globe and gate valves. Last but not least, we also expect to see a significant demand increase in our insulation kits for offshore and onshore applications.”

KLINGER South Africa cements its role as industry leader in South Africa

Summing up what has been achieved, Managing Director Phillip Herbst had the following to say: “KLINGER South Africa’s development over the past years has been characterized by a continuous expansion into new regions and local markets. We have moved our Cape Town branch to better serve our customers. We have also opened or relocated other branches across the country. The most recent two examples are KLINGER Middelburg and KLINGER Mossel Bay.” He concludes: “As an undisputed industry leader we have a certain duty towards our customers. Said duty should not be limited to outstanding fluid sealing and control products or to our field services. We understand that best service dramatically hinges on the ability to rapidly project it wherever required. This explains why customer proximity is one of our key success factors.”

KLINGER Mossel Bay stocks an impressive inventory for a rapid response to customer needs

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