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KLINGER Schöneberg: Silver for Sustainability

EcoVadis Silver medal for KLINGER Schöneberg: Responsible conduct in the environment, labor practices, ethics, and sustainable procurement.

In the 2020 audit by the external expert EcoVadis, KLINGER Schöneberg was again awarded silver status for their commitment to sustainability. The manufacturer of industrial valves was able to improve their results and is now among the most exemplary eight percent in the industry.

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For an industrial manufacturer who has to stand their ground among international competition, it is not easy to comply with the rising demands of sustainability. But KLINGER Schöneberg, specialist for ball valves and pneumatic actuators, managed this balancing act in 2020. With 59 out of a possible 100 points, they again achieved a good result in the EcoVadis Sustainability Rating this year. The company from Graben-Neudorf (Germany) scored especially in the areas Environment, Labor & Human Rights and Ethics.

Ecovadis Silver medal for KLINGER Schöneberg
Ecovadis Silver medal for KLINGER Schöneberg

During the announcement in September 2020, it became apparent that KLINGER Schöneberg was even able to improve their rating from 2017. According to the latest results, the company is now in the upper quarter of all rated enterprises, and, better still, among the top eight percent within their own industry. This result is even more remarkable considering the fact that EcoVadis tightened their criteria the year before, therefore making it even harder to fulfill them.

According to the latest results, the company is in the upper quarter of all rated enterprises and among the top eight percent within their own industry
According to the latest results, the company is in the upper quarter of all rated enterprises
and among the top eight percent within their own industry

Did you know...

... that KLINGER Schöneberg has been actively practicing sustainability management since 2017?

CSR: "Acting with foresight in terms of sustainability"

Following the rating, together with the experts of EcoVadis and in cooperation with the DFGE (Institute for Energy, Ecology and Economy, Munich), an action plan was established to continuously improve the sustainability management.

Manfred Gossmann, Managing Director at KLINGER Schöneberg

Our understanding of sustainability means that we can only achieve our economic goals and keep growing when we also act with foresight in terms of sustainability. In the long run, it pays off for everybody who truly takes their own social responsibility seriously.

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility: a necessity for Manfred Gossmann, Managing Director at KLINGER Schöneberg, in order to be economically successful.


CSR always in sight

These are the areas where KLINGER Schöneberg was rated particularly highly


  • Energy consumption as low as possible
  • Low emission of greenhouse gases
  • Responsibility for water and biodiversity
  • Responsibility for environmental pollution control
  • Responsible use of resources, chemicals, and waste material

Labor & Human Rights

  • Health and safety of employees
  • Socially compatible working conditions
  • Social dialogue, career management and training


  • No corruption
  • No anti-competitive practices
  • Responsible information management

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • What is EcoVadis?
    EcoVadis is an external provider who monitors global supply chains and awards corresponding CSR ratings. As part of the process, EcoVadis also actively supports the company with developing and implementing sustainable business practices.
    The four main criteria:
    » Environment
    » Labor & Human Rights
    » Ethics
    » Sustainable Procurement

  • What method is EcoVadis applying?
    The EcoVadis method is based on international sustainability standards – such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the Conventions of the International Labor Organisation (IAO), the United Nations Global Compact, the CERES principles and the ISO 26000 standard – and it is supervised by a scientific committee of experts in CSR and supply chain.

  • What is the EcoVadis rating for?
    More than 300 notable multinational companies use the EcoVadis rating when assessing their commercial partners’ sustainability performance. In order to win or keep these companies as customers, a positive rating is important.

  • Which products does KLINGER Schöneberg specialize in?
    KLINGER Schöneberg focusses on research, development, production and distribution of industrial valves, especially ball valves and pneumatic actuators.

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