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KLINGER's sustainability and leak free guarantee through integrity services

KLINGER UK's integrity service for more sustainability: ✔ Integrity software & engineering ✔ Eco-friendly gaskets ✔ LDAR services

With KLINGER United Kingdom on track to meet their energy goals in house, they also developed services to improve their customers’ energy efficiency. This led to the creation of a new business model.

KLINGER Integrity Services combines KLINGER products with KLINGER services to create bespoke facility packages for each customer. From early system design to product installation, to final testing and verification, KLINGER Integrity Services handles the entire project from start to finish. This product and service package comes with KLINGER’s leak-free guarantee, ensuring that the facility creates the minimum possible fugitive emissions.


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Learn about the complete Integrity Service offer (pdf 2.4 MB)


Added value and key benefits of KLINGER Integrity Services

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KLINGER Integrity Services: Full service for more sustainability

KLINGER subject matter experts manage a project from start to finish, with products and services such as:

  • Product installation
  • Controlled bolt torquing and tensioning
  • Ultrasonic bolt monitoring and inspection
  • On-site flange machining
  • On-site flange facing repairs
  • SENTRY gasket installation and testing
  • Pipe cutting and beveling
  • Leak detection and repair (LDAR) services
  • QA & QC (quality assurance and quality control) inspection
  • TAR (turnaround), shutdown, project planning & management

The Integrity Services process


Download Integrity Services case study (pdf 4.2 MB)


Customizable plans offer KLINGER expertise at every point along a job’s timeline, from pre-shutdown reviews and system design calculations to installation and on-site inspection, to electronic system monitoring for long-term data collection and predictive maintenance.


Customization and flexibility for personalized service: KLINGER’s Integrity Service software

A key feature of Integrity Services is the ­IntegrityXpert management system, featuring KLINGER’s proprietary gasket-­sealing data and bolting calculators. This software is used to engineer an entire fluid control system to exacting specifications, using information not available to other service providers.


KLINGER’s Integrity Service software: IntegrityXpert
KLINGER’s Integrity Service software: IntegrityXpert

Customized modules provide integrated features, such as HTML drawing for detailed engineering mark-ups, QA & QC dashboards for on-site inspections, and real-time reporting in multiple locations through handheld devices and web applications.

Clients have fingertip access to all aspects of their facility, with historical data available within just a few clicks. This system greatly eliminates manual work. All forms, checklists, and signatures can be logged electronically. And, most importantly, it delivers the plant operator real-time data on the integrity of his facility.


Customers can buy or license the software themselves, or have KLINGER manage the software on their behalf. On-site specialists are available for every aspect of the system life cycle, for design and installation only, or even as permanent plant personnel for clients who need continuous monitoring and on-demand repairs.


Safe people, safe plant, safe environment

Key to Integrity Services is KLINGER’s commitment to safety, which ensures no damage to the people, to the plant, or to the environment. High-end products, exhaustively trained specialists, state-of-the-art software and industry-leading testing and procedures all play a role in this safety-­centric, eco-friendly process.

The SENTRY gasket is one of those high-performing products. It can maximize plant uptime, reduce emissions, and increase efficiency. A safe, high-integrity seal that provides operators with the ability to test the integrity of a bolted ­connection. The SENTRY helps reduce the need to involve large volumes of nitrogen and reduce downtime whilst performing integrity and pressure tests, maximizing plant uptime and efficiency.


Download SENTRY gasket case study (pdf 2.4 MB)


The ring-type joint gasket out of KLINGER’s SENTRY gasket range
The ring-type joint gasket out of KLINGER’s SENTRY gasket range

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Benefits of the SENTRY gasket

  • Allows leak testing on individual flanged joints without the need to pressurize the full system.
  • Speeds up the leakage testing reducing plant downtime.
  • Validates individual joint integrity at installation reducing the need to re-visit the joint.

Get all the SENTRY gasket details

Another star performer of KLINGER’s green product line, the EcoSeal gasket, is the newest member of this team. The tightest spiral wound gasket the company has ever produced, the low emission EcoSeal can play a key role in tracking plant emissions. KLINGER United Kingdom developed fugitive emissions testing data for the entire EcoSeal product line, which provides customers with the hard numbers they need to determine plant emissions and set green ratings goals. Combined with the Integrity Services leak-free guarantee, this system ensures that customers will be able to meet the stringent emissions standards set by the United Kingdom.

Eco-Seal gasket: 10 times tighter than any other spiral wound gasket
Eco-Seal gasket: 10 times tighter than any other spiral wound gasket

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Three convincing arguments for the Eco-Seal gasket

  • High-density construction and modified winding strip combine to create a spiral wound gasket up to 10 times tighter than a regular gasket.
  • Eco-Seal reduces fugitive emissions throughout a system, allowing customers to meet or exceed ASME B16.20-2017.
  • Precise testing by KLINGER across multiple sizes and class ratings provides tangible leakage metrics.

Get all the Eco-Seal gasket details

Employee training is another aspect of this winning combination. KLINGER’s Integrity Services team members all meet expert qualifications, have passed a skills test, and look back on at least five years of experience in the industry. Subject-matter experts on system design, joint integrity, flange face machining, and pipeline management are only a few of the available options. Integrity Services personnel are also available to serve as QA & QC representatives, assessing critical valves in the system before taking the plant back online. Further, ECITB, EN1591, and ASME PCC1 joint integrity training are available to give customer staff the tools and knowledge they need to maintain the system. KLINGER’s expert workforce offers our clients an invaluable, competent resource to support their assets during peak periods such as shutdowns and construction projects.


Trained tech expert performing on-site inspections
Trained tech expert performing on-site inspections

Bolting Technician tightening a wind turbine application with state-of-the-art torque equipment
Bolting Technician tightening a wind turbine application with state-of-the-art torque equipment

KLINGER Integrity Services employee using a flange spreader
KLINGER Integrity Services employee using a flange spreader

KLINGER Integrity Services employee performing on-site machining repairs
KLINGER Integrity Services employee performing on-site machining repairs


Tracking fugitive emissions with LDAR services

The third piece of the Integrity Services approach is the industry-leading testing and procedures that Integrity Services provides. Problematic joints can be machined on site and fitted with custom gaskets, in addition to being monitored with cutting-edge ultrasonic measuring equipment, while post-installation LDAR (leak detection and repair) can track and measure fugitive emissions to ensure environmental efficiency and create cost savings.

With so many customized options to choose from, customers are certain to find an Integrity Services package that meets the specific needs of their facility.


Learn about the complete Integrity Service offer (pdf 2.4 MB)


KLINGER Integrity Services Engineer carries out site survey using IntegrityXpert.
KLINGER Integrity Services Engineer carries out site survey using IntegrityXpert.

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