KLINGER Kempchen increases lean processes in production and logistics with robotics
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KLINGER Kempchen increases lean processes in production and logistics with robotics

KLINGER Kempchen relies on the autonomous MiRHook 200 robot: MiR takes over forklift tasks in production and logistics

The German static sealing technology expert KLINGER Kempchen continues to make lean management headlines. The company has acquired a MiRHook 200 mobile industrial robot to take over a wide range of intralogistics tasks. What the automated knee-high helper can do to generate value for the customer, is described below.

Coming into contact with the MiRHook 200 on the shop floor is a very low-key experience. It looks a bit like a miniature tow truck with a slightly futuristic design. Its features, however, make it the ideal intralogistics solution.

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KLINGER Kempchen’s Marc Madsen, Head of the CNC turnery, knows all about the robot: “MiR comes equipped with impressive mapping capabilities. These ensure that it is absolutely familiar with the layout of our factory. It can therefore pick the most efficient route to bring a component to its desired destination.” Obstacles, for example crates along or even in the chosen path, are not a problem, either: The six on-board sensor suites and 360° scanning guarantee that any navigational hazard can be overcome. MiR also takes work safety aspects into account: There is no danger of the machine bumping into any of its human colleagues or causing a person to accidentally trip.

Perfect intralogistics solution

MiR picks the right article from the correct bin and subsequently takes the “leanest” route from A to B. But what are its heavy lifting capabilities like? “The MiRHook 200 has a combined transport capacity of 500 kilograms. This makes it ideal for industrial environments such as ours,” states Marc Madsen. He adds: “We enhanced the system with an update at the end of October. This allows MiR to now also trigger and pass through the sliding gates of the factory via radio signal.”

MiR supports value creation process

How have KLINGER Kempchen’s employees responded to their new little helper? Klaus Schonebeck, Managing Director of KLINGER Kempchen, explains: “The feedback we have received is very good. Especially with regard to its ease of use and performance.” Mr. Schonebeck adds: “MiR efficiently takes over the monotonous and time-consuming tasks that would otherwise have to be done with forklifts. This frees up resources for more demanding and worthwhile duties. Or, to put it in the phraseology of lean management: Tasks that have real value for the customer.”

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KLINGER Kempchen relies on the autonomous MiRHook 200 robot
KLINGER Kempchen relies on the autonomous MiRHook 200 robot

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