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KLINGER IntegrityXpert software for seamless leak-free operation

Sitech Services reduced inspection time with KLINGER's IntegrityXpert flange management software for real-time reporting and data tracking.

Flange management software developed by KLINGER reduces the time required by Sitech’s busy inspection team.

When Sitech Services adopted KLINGER IntegrityXpert’s flange management software system in early 2022, their team was quick to recognize the potential of the product. The company offers full-service maintenance, optimization, and troubleshooting to a variety of industrial customers, so their focus on data monitoring and process improvement made them the perfect fit for IntegrityXpert’s statistics-driven interface.

The real-time reporting and component-based calculations offered by this software allow facilities to monitor their systems with no lag time, giving Sitech the data they need to provide prompt service to customers eager to maintain seamless leak-free operation.


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Simple software implementation

Narcis Mujagic, Quality Manager at Sitech
Narcis Mujagic, Quality Manager at Sitech

One of the most attractive aspects of IntegrityXpert to Sitech was the user-friendly nature of the design interface. Narcis Mujagic, Quality Manager at Sitech Services for 30 plants, was quick to point to the flexibility and ease of use as a deciding factor when choosing the product over other options. He said, “At Sitech we use 120 apps. You need something that's very easy to implement. IntegrityXpert is complex and has many different features, but it's still intuitive. I taught myself in two hours how to use it.”

Because Sitech works for large international corporations but has mainly activities at their plants in the Netherlands, they often bring together teams who may not share a common language and who come from many different fields of training. IntegrityXpert’s low barrier to entry allows these teams to hit the ground running without a long or complicated ramp-up.

Tracking of inspection data

Besides an intuitive user interface, IntegrityXpert also offers a nearly unlimited scaling factor, allowing Sitech to input massive amounts of data for tracking and analyzation. Keeping inspection and maintenance information organized and close at hand is essential to meet the constantly tightening regulatory guidelines set by multiple countries. Before IntegrityXpert, tracking this data required a huge chunk of man hours that had to be carved out of the inspection team’s already busy schedule. As Narcis laments, “If you have 16 inspections, you can just use checklists. If you have 6000 inspections, you have a huge issue.” These details allow Sitech to track the KPIs needed to evaluate and improve customer efficiency, while also satisfying agencies who want to see proof of product compliance.


KLINGER IntegrityXpert’s flange management software system offers an intuitive user interface.
KLINGER IntegrityXpert’s flange management software system offers an intuitive user interface.

All-in-one app

Even more important than metrics and regulations is user safety. With a clear tracking system for inspection and product integrity measurements, the Sitech team can be certain that appropriate safety measures are being carried out for every facility under their purview. The Chemelot industrial park in the Netherlands that Sitech oversees, for example, includes more than eighty different companies producing a wide variety of raw and refined chemical goods. According to Narcis, “Everything that needs to be inspected, from pumps, to ventilators, to compressors, whatever—if it's inspected, then it's in the software.” As long-term data builds up and additional patterns emerge, the Sitech team eventually hopes to develop more precise predictive maintenance statistics, allowing them to schedule plant downtime during optimum windows to maximize product lifespan without compromising joint integrity.


Climbing ladders is just one part of inspections.
Climbing ladders is just one part of inspections.

Analyzing facility systems

This granular analysis of facility systems is only possible due to the ground-up development undertaken to produce IntegrityXpert software. Because KLINGER has over a century of history with valve systems, their research and development process was truly user-centric. As Michael Pallister, Services Director of KLINGER United Kingdom emphasizes, “We're not a software company, we're an engineering company who built a software system. That’s the key, that’s why we’re different.” Narcis agrees with that assessment.

Narcis Mujagic, Quality Manager at Sitech Services BV

„That's exactly the difference. Software companies come in and try to make something, but they have never seen a factory in their life. So, we have to explain to them, step by step, what we do and how we do it. During the assessment of the pilot the consultant hired by Sitech found that KLINGER developed this without talking to them. This shows the level of expertise of KLINGER, that they know the industry.“

Narcis Mujagic, Quality Manager at Sitech Services BV


Customized for the market’s needs

Of course, frequent customer feedback keeps the KLINGER team in tune with the needs of the target audience. Further additional modules are being developed in the software system, based on feedback from Sitech and from other users. When users are actively involved with the iteration process, the KLINGER team can be sure that any changes are relevant and useful, since feedback is prompt and specific. Enthusiastic praise for IntegrityXpert has spread the word from customer to customer, which is a far more effective vote of confidence in the product than any advertisement. As Paul Smith, Sales Director at KLINGER UK explains, “It’s rare that a customer says ‘I want to be part of the development, I want to be part of the changes, I'm happy to speak at conferences.’ That tells us we’re on the right track.” As long as customers like Sitech continue to share findings and benefits of IntegrityXpert, KLINGER can remain confident in the product’s ability to meet the needs of the market.

Sitech is a leading technology partner for achieving maximum plant performance and cost-effectiveness.
Sitech is a leading technology partner for achieving maximum plant performance and cost-effectiveness.

Fact box

Sitech: Plant Performance Specialists

Sitech Services was founded in 2008 to help clients in the process industry to achieve maximum plant performance and cost-effectiveness. The company, located in Geleen, The Netherlands, provides maintenance, projects and turnaround service, and also specializes in technological applications, the right expertise, the best innovations as well as far-reaching digitization.

Discover KLINGER IntegrityXpert software

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • What is a flange management software?
    The technology is used to engineer an entire piping and process system to exacting specifications, using data from real-time reporting so clients can assess all aspects of their facility. KLINGER’s IntegrityXpert offers customized modules with integrated features such as HTML drawing for detailed engineering mark-ups, QA & QC dashboards for on-site inspections, and real-time reporting in multiple locations through handheld devices and web applications.

  • How does KLINGER’s IntegrityXpert software work?
    The software uses a component-based calculation to ensure that bolt, flange and gasket stresses are assessed under all applicable assembly, operating and test conditions.

  • Which functions does KLINGER’s IntegrityXpert software provide?
    Thanks to the single interface, clients can engineer, execute & control multiple construction, commissioning and maintenance activities including:
    » Flange Management
    » Hydro Testing
    » Blowing
    » Chemical Cleaning
    » Machining
    » Small Bore Tubing
    » Valve Management
    » Nitrogen/Helium Leak Testing
    » Pneumatic Testing
    » Flushing / Retro Jetting
    » Camera Inspection
    » Purging
    » PSV Management
    » Hose Management

  • What are the licensing options for KLINGER’s IntegrityXpert software?
    Customers can license the software themselves, or have KLINGER manage the software on their behalf.
    On-site integrity specialists are available for every aspect of the system life cycle, for design and installation only, or even as permanent plant personnel for clients who need continuous monitoring and on-demand repairs.

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