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KLINGER Integrity Services arrive in Saudi Arabia

A partnership between KLINGER UK and Zamil is exceeding expectations: Together, they lift the maintenance of valve systems to a whole new level.

As a project manager for KLINGER UK, Matthew Hayllar was used to delivering complicated projects on a tight timeline. With his promotion to Country Manager for Saudi Arabia, that experience was put to the ultimate test. KLINGER UK’s new partner Zamil Trade and Services was eager to get started with a dedicated service site in Baish, Jizan Region, Saudi Arabia. When Matt visited the site in mid-December, there was nothing but bare ground. He remembers, “The customer was actually with me, he's an expert. And he looked at me as if to say, ‘There's no way you're going to build that by March.’ But yeah, we did it.”

Against all odds, Matthew Hayllar (right) and Wael Al. Wakeel (left, Administration and Finance Manager at Zamil Trade and Services) turned barren land into a fully operational service site.

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Services offered in Saudi Arabia by Zamil

Flange management: end-to-end service, including specialist bolting services, on-site precision machining service, and QA/QC verification

PSV testing and servicing: In-situ or bench testing (please confirm if both are offered) to confirm desired set pressure and proper reseal

Hydraulic Bolt Torquing and Tensioning: accurate bolt loading, followed by direct load applied evenly across all bolts to eliminate factors introduced by torquing

Onsite Machining: fast, comprehensive, and safe service for a variety of fluid control products

Gaskets: a wide range of advanced sealing materials for both common and unique fluid and gas applications

Valve Spares: fast and ready back-ups to minimize costly down time

Engineering calculations: expert bespoke designs and solutions from a team with over 90 years of experience

Calibrating pressure safety valves

This partnership originated with some contacts from KLINGER South Africa, who knew that their KLINGER UK peers had extensive service expertise that matched the customer’s needs. On their recommendation, the groups met to hash out the details, and a partnership was born. While the initial project focused on maintenance of plant equipment the scope of work changed to calibration of safety valves, early success led to expansion into a fully staffed and stocked on-site field engineering facility. On-site machining, bolt torquing, and bolt tensioning are also available in support of valve systems. KLINGER and Zamil employees work as one to provide the local market with valve testing, refurbishment, and recertification, often with a same-day turnaround.

Contacts mentioned in the article:

Matthew Hayllar, Country Manager Saudi Arabia for KLINGER United Kingdom

For Matt, that quick turnaround is a distinct priority. With over 20 years in customer service, he knows that exceeding expectations is the way to retain satisfied customers and earn a local reputation. In one recent project, the work was completed so quickly that the customer thought the valve had not yet left the site. Matt explains, “We can turn some of these calibrations around in a couple of hours. The first one we did in July 2023, there was a picture of it coming off the site at 12:05. It was removed safely, transported, repaired, calibrated and again transported back to site as well as installed by the KLINGER team at 3:30. The guy said to us, ‘When are you going to start the process of the calibration?’ And we said ‘We've done it already. We've done the whole operation.’ He said, ‘Oh, that would normally take our previous contractor weeks.’ That's the type of thing we want."

KLINGER and Zamil's collaboration delivers unparalleled valve refurbishment and calibration with a same-day turnaround, setting new standards in efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Test certificates for highly sensitive valves

As the venture matures and the facility is fully staffed up and trained, the KLINGER UK team plans to expand service offerings over time. Valves ranging from half-inch up to 36-inch are currently supported, with no brand limitations. Specialized tooling and modifications are available for uncommon models and set-ups. Custom racking ensures that the highly sensitive pressure safety valves retain their settings after transport, and test certificates are provided after calibration. Eventually, should local clients show an interest, the venture may delve into control valves, possibly requiring an additional facility. For Matt, he remains focused on providing value to local clients, while also providing mentorship and opportunities to local employees. He says, “We want to grow the business and we want to invest in the community as well. We’ve got big plans.”

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