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KLINGER Argentina supports local scholarship program

Argentine KLINGER scholarship program with positions in industrial gasket production, warehouse and valve repair

Getting the fittest students excited about work at KLINGER: This is only one of the positive effects of a long-term collaboration between KLINGER Argentina and the Technical Secondary School “Engineer Pablo Marín”.

“Our company started activities to support the local school community in June 2016. KLINGER Argentina and the technical school, both located in Garín, a city north of Buenos -Aires, teamed up as neighboring institutions with a focus on technical know-how. Since then, every year students have started working at KLINGER. Only 2020 had to be skipped due to COVID-19”, says Production Manager Claudio Lazo.

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Did you know?

80 % of today’s staff in the production area were “Engineer Pablo Marín”-students at the beginning!


“They promote us as a good employer”

The school’s program, called PROFESSIONALIZING PRACTICES, is also aimed at other players in the industry. This program allows students to gain practical experience while simultaneously continuing their lessons at school. KLINGER volunteered to take part in this program: “It really is a win-win-situation”, says Lazo. “We incorporate the young people, and they also learn the KLINGER culture – they understand our values, our policies, and how we work in general. They grow with us.”

At KLINGER, students can expand their professional profile. Most of them enjoy being part of the company, and spread the good vibes: “Word of mouth is a big benefit for us as well: these young people speak to peers and promote KLINGER as a good employer – a personal recommendation is worth so much more than some anonymous posts on Social Media.”

Seven previous students are currently working for KLINGER Argentina’s production, warehousing and repair:

Warehouse Operator

  • Braian RUIZ
  • Franco MACHUCA

Production – Gasket manufacturing

  • Ismael VALUSSI
  • Dylan MORALES

Valve Repair & Maintenance equipment

  • Nicolas CORDOBA

Daniel Moreno Peralta: Operating the CNC and spreading the good vibes.
Daniel Moreno Peralta: Operating the CNC and spreading the good vibes.


School lessons meet hands-on job experience

The last time the company took on new students was at the beginning of 2019. Five new scholarship students joined KLINGER, taking positions in either the manufacturing area or the warehouse, according to their interests.
In this way, they learn a trade, and also collaborate with all the tasks of the company.

Claudio Lazo, Production Manager at KLINGER Argentina

Production Manager Claudio Lazo who is in charge of the service, valve repair, maintenance, warehouse and logistics, continuously trains the youngsters and hands over new responsibilities to them whilst always offering his guidance:

„As many people will retire within the next 5 to 10 years, we have to build up the next generation – and thereby safeguard the future for KLINGER Argentina.“

At the end of each year, the students are evaluated, and if permanent job openings exist, they are incorporated as permanent personnel. At the end of 2019, two members of the program were taken on as permanent KLINGER personnel. “By taking on those skilled young workers, we fight unemployment and give our young generation a perspective: unemployment rates in Argentina are high, especially in the age group of 28 years and below. Unfortunately, poverty is very high in some areas of Argentina. We see it as our obligation to help raise the standard of living and also give back to society”, explains Lazo, who is happy to positively contribute to the well-being of the company and to the community as a whole.


Warehouse Operator Braian Ruiz, preparing wooden packaging in the carpentry.
Warehouse Operator Braian Ruiz, preparing wooden packaging in the carpentry.


How the students feel about KLINGER

Ismael Valussi, manufacturing spiral wound gaskets.
Ismael Valussi, manufacturing spiral wound gaskets.

Ismael VALUSSI - Gasket Manufacturing Operator

I am 24 years old, and thanks to my job stability I run my own household. I am studying Psychology at UBA (the National University of Buenos Aires), while at the same time working at KLINGER. When I started at the company, I only had my theoretical and practical knowledge from the school workshops. Over time I acquired the knowledge of different gasket manufacturing processes, today I am carrying out management and control tasks.
I have incorporated management tools, for example 5S, quality management, time optimization in workstations, just in time order delivery, etc. These trainings were given by a specialized institution in industrial training.

What do I like about my job at KLINGER?
The possibility of expanding my knowledge and aiming for a good life one day.

What are my plans for the future?
My goal is to grow at KLINGER and be a pillar of the company.


Nicolas Cordoba, drilling valves in the milling machine.
Nicolas Cordoba, drilling valves in the milling machine.

Nicolás CORDOBA - Valve repair and equipment maintenance

“I am 23 years old and live with my wife and two children. When I started at KLINGER, I brought in my theoretical and practical knowledge of what I had learned in school and, in my spare time, worked as a delivery man.

At school, I was passionate about working in the workshops and with all the machines, which allowed me to focus on the repairs of the company's equipment. As an intern I began in the expedition area, where I was able to rely on the experience of Expedition Manager Pablo Romero, who has 35 years of experience at KLINGER. Today I am performing valve repair tasks and forming the internal maintenance area (which was vacant in 2019). I see myself working with KLINGER for many years to come, hoping to progress within the company.


KLINGER Argentina

Founded: 1971
Number of employees: 30

Scope of activity:

  • Manufacture of industrial gaskets.
  • Import and trading of sealing materials, valves and fluid control elements, electric and pneumatic actuators, for use in different types of industry.
  • Maintenance, repair and automation of valves.


  • Industry Division
  • Water & Sewage Division
  • Flow Control Solutions Division

Managing Director: Alberto Pinter

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Warehouse Operator Franco Machuca, preparing orders for delivery.
Warehouse Operator Franco Machuca, preparing orders for delivery.

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