Kempchen Practice Days: Conference of the German sealing industry
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Kempchen Practice Days: Conference of the German sealing industry

KLINGER Kempchen sealing industry conference with presentations by OAT, Siemens, SGL Carbon and TÜV SÜD Chemie Service

Kempchen Practice Days (a.k.a. Kempchen Praxistage) have in the meantime turned into a household name for the sealing industry. They cater to its various needs, requirements and challenges.

The event perfectly matches sealing theory and practice. Interest in attending is so great that the German organizers have to hold it across two days: Each time with a different audience. We take a closer look at the 8th “Praxistage” of KLINGER Kempchen.

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The unique set-up of the “Kempchen Praxistage” is reflected by the role Managing Director Klaus Schonebeck plays during the event. As the host, he welcomes the around 170 participants in the morning. Then he leaves the stage to the partners, suppliers and customers of the company. “The ‘Kempchen Praxistage’ are definitely a KLINGER Kempchen event. But they are not really about us at all. We only provide and organize the platform. It is subsequently up to our speakers from all the branches of our industry to share their knowledge and insights,” explains Mr. Schonebeck.

This statement is easily verified: The program runs from 8 in the morning and concludes with an open discussion at 3:30 pm. It is filled with interesting topics. None of them are presented by KLINGER Kempchen employees. Company names such as the OAT Oberberg Armaturen Technik, Siemens or SGL Carbon are on the list. Service and technology providers also play an important role. In 2019 this was highlighted by the presence of both the Messtechnischer Service and the Temperaturmeßtechnik Geraberg as speakers. Their topics: the design of flange connections and the benefits of temperature measurement by means of thermal elements. The “Kempchen Praxistage” are also renowned for enabling institutions, authorities and agencies to have their say. This explains the presence of the TÜV SÜD Chemie Service as the concluding talk prior to the final discussion round.

“Kempchen Praxistage”: Talks for the industry, by the industry

For whom are the “Kempchen Praxistage”? Dirk Schmidt, in charge of sales at KLINGER Kempchen, answers: “Our attendees are just as diverse as the program on offer,” he explains, adding: “Service technicians, engineers, technical directors, executives as well as researchers and scientists have all been welcomed to the ‘Kempchen Praxistage’. And they are always welcome here.” And their respective industries? Mr. Schmidt shares that the attendees mostly hail from the chemical industry, oil & gas, the energy sector or are active in the field of plant engineering.


Kempchen Practice Days: Martin Reinthaler
Kempchen Practice Days: Martin Reinthaler

The presentation held by SGL Carbon highlights what the audience is offered. This major manufacturer for the global sealing industry is a global company with more than 5,000 employees and 29 production sites worldwide. One of its business segments deals with the production of graphite materials and systems. In the course of his presentation, Martin Reinthaler, Senior Technical Sales Manager for Expanded Graphite, provided fascinating insights. He spoke in length about the manufacturing process, the properties and the application options of expanded graphite.

His talk “Composite materials on the basis of expanded graphite as a sealing material” highlighted the characteristics of flexible graphite: For example its low fluid and gas permeability, its good chemical resistance, high flexibility and the lack of filler media or binding agents. He also illustrated the various benefits that the composite offers. These include the ease with which it can be removed, FDA-compliance with regard to process and product purity, or the excellent sealing performance. The latter applies at even low gasket stresses. Martin Reinthaler concluded that this graphite gasket material is among the best sealing solutions for the chemical industry. This is especially true for applications involving toxic, inflammable, polluting or high-cost media. As a result of the already mentioned process and product purity, they can also be used as flat gaskets for the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Feedback on KLINGER Kempchen’s major customer event

Attending the “Kempchen Praxistage” also enabled the visitors to tour the plant of KLINGER Kempchen and meet “MiR”, the company’s new transport robot. Following the conclusion of the event, Marketing Manager Bärbel Derix sums up a selection of the responses: “The feedback received from our guests not only addressed the excellent quality of the presentations. It also included comments on the hospitality they enjoyed here at KLINGER Kempchen. Several visitors mentioned the guided tour through both our plant and the labs.” Ms. Derix adds: “MIR was also the focus of attention quite a few times. Many attendees also expressed their wish to join us for the next installment of the ‘Kempchen Praxistage’”.

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A tour of KLINGER Kempchen’s plant provided insights into the impressive manufacturing capabilities of the company
A tour of KLINGER Kempchen’s plant provided insights into the impressive manufacturing capabilities of the company

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