Latest news on KLINGER Group
Latest news on KLINGER Group
Marking Art and Simracon merge to KLINGER Baltic in Estonia
KLINGER Acquisitions and Subsidiaries

Marking Art and Simracon merge to KLINGER Baltic in Estonia

Merger of Marking Art and Simracon: KLINGER Baltic based in Estonia is specialized in coding, labeling, sealing and gaskets

The latest additions to KLINGER Finland's market presence are the companies Marking Art Oü and Simracon Oü in Estonia. Focusing on coding and marking as well as sealing and gaskets, the two companies have now been merged into KLINGER Baltic. This brings KLINGER Finland in the perfect position to offer its customers products and solutions on-site and in the shortest period of time for the Baltic market.

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KLINGER Baltic wholesales industrial and marking supplies. Company represents world leading brands such as Simmerring, KLINGER, Vaculex, Busch, Franz Gottwald, Collmat, Ventus, Domino and Sato. Among our clients we are appreciated as trustful and high-quality working partners, always offering personal approach, quick service and best solutions.

KLINGER Baltic offers different seals such as shaft seals, roll-mill shaft seals, V-rings and gamma rings, O-rings and backup rings and hydraulic seals. Also we do offer different gaskets, cut from different materials and in different measurements. In our cutting-shop located in Finland, they use CAD-technology which assures top quality to gaskets. Our warehouse allows us to deliver orders quickly. Our biggest clients are active in oil, wood and power industry, as well as in machinery industry.

From marking equipment KLINGER Baltic is able to offer ink and laser printers, industrial and desktop printers, also standalone printers and different hand labelling systems. The company also offer Ventus-automatic equipment to print and apply the labels. First Ventus machine came to market in 1994 and right now it has 8 different models. KLINGER Baltic is offering service all over the Estonia to all machines we’ve provided to our clients. KLINGER Baltic service technicians install and maintain all marking equipments professionally, as well as help and advice the users in problem situations.

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KLINGER Baltic, based in Estonia, specializes in wholesale industrial and marking accessories.

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