Latest news on KLINGER Group
Latest news on KLINGER Group
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How KLINGER UK achieves its sustainability goals in energy management

KLINGER United Kingdom’s energy management and integrity services show how KLINGER lives its values regarding net zero emissions compliance.

The last few years have brought ambitious energy initiatives to the United Kingdom, whose exit from the European Union sparked a flurry of changes to laws and trade agreements.

With the United Kingdom no longer held back by conservative emissions goals set by the EU in deference to coal-dependent member countries, the British government was free to set higher-reaching standards for its carbon budget. In 2021, Britain announced the most stringent climate law the world has ever seen, pledging to cut emissions by 78 percent by 2035. Reaching this goal will put the United Kingdom more than three-quarters of the way to reaching net zero emissions by 2050, a pledge that was set forth in the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) in late 2020.

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Find out more about United Kingdom ’s Net zero Strategy

United Kingdom businesses have mirrored the government’s strategy, starting by making drastic modifications to their energy practices and then fine-tuning the results. After a year of smart energy management with ClearVue IoT software, KLINGER United Kingdom Maintenance Manager Alex Long is ready to shift from big changes to small refinements. When the initial plant assessment found that the air compressor system needed remediation to address air leaks, the team was able to slash energy use by 15 percent right away. After repairs, long-term monitoring provided the data they needed to prove that the compressors were consistently shutting down and turning off at the correct times. By default, this and other facility systems now operate in standby mode, only running when needed.

Alex Long, Maintenance Manager at KLINGER United Kingdom

„There’s very low usage outside of operating hours, which shows that the system we put in place is working as designed. The data is showing constant, incremental improvements now.“

Alex Long, Maintenance Manager at KLINGER United Kingdom



Air compressor sensor data in ClearVue
Air compressor sensor data in ClearVue

Saving costs and energy

Further investigation into the air compressors drew the team's attention to the control units, located in an outbuilding that was accessible only to maintenance personnel. Because the location required safety clearance, production staff were unable to access the controls for troubleshooting or resetting. Moving the control units to the production floor allowed 24/7 access by production staff, saving the time and money previously spent waiting for an on-call member of maintenance to arrive and access the secured area. Alarms were also installed on the compressors, to allow production staff to quickly diagnose any problems without extensive inspection of the system. As Alex Long points out, “It’s a simple change, but one that allows us to run the compressor system more effectively. We save running costs and energy, which is obviously the main goal.”


Air compressor control unit in new location
Air compressor control unit in new location

“Off unless needed” as the new standard

Manufacturing is not the only part of KLINGER that saves energy by defaulting to standby mode. The pandemic also presented an opportunity to develop good energy habits in-office. With quarantine protocols in place, the facility saw significantly less foot traffic, which minimized the variables involved and allowed the team to determine an energy baseline to work from. Energy tracking allowed the team to adjust lighting and thermostat settings to use minimal power and encouraged returning office workers to lower their energy use: shutting off lights and turning off computers at day’s end. The IT department determined that switching to a cloud-based system would reduce servers on site, streamlining services and minimizing the use of power to run and cool the system.

With air and electricity improvements underway, the team is expanding their reach to other parts of the facility. Next on their agenda is studying the power coating and water jet systems, in order to streamline the use of water and gas. Alex Long is confident that their energy management system is up to the task, pointing out that small changes add up to big wins. "We find out where we’re underperforming and improve the efficiencies of that department, then we move on to get a bigger, better view of the factory as a whole.”

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • What is ClearVue?
    ClearVue is an IoT software that gives organization the power to scrutinize their energy consumption down to individual circuits. With the data collected and aggregated businesses gain instant insight into when and where energy is being wasted.

  • What is an Energy Management System?
    By collecting energy measurement data, an automated system - also called an energy management system - aggregates and visualizes the data. Monitoring tools and graphics not only provide insight into energy consumption. With an energy management system, it can also be managed.

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