Latest news on KLINGER Group
Latest news on KLINGER Group

KLINGER The Netherlands shows live simulations in its Practicum Showroom

The Practicum Showroom in the Netherlands presents KLINGER products in a simulated process environment

Technical expertise and industrial installations could be considered a tough sell by many, but KLINGER BV in Rotterdam has created a new and accessible approach to the subject. The KLINGER Practicum showroom is a state of the art facility, which incorporates numerous products in a simulated process environment, allowing customers to experience the myriad applications first hand.

Live situations

At a glance, the facility might be considered a showroom, with its shiny floors, neat pipes, its gauges, and bright switches, but it goes beyond presenting products and components in sleek surroundings. Rather, it is a fully functional system that incorporates a wide variety of products of the KLINGER catalog. Valves, vents, and process controllers, spray shields, custom hoses, joints as well as automation equipment, and gauges are simply items in a long list of products. Practicum places them all in context and makes them come alive, demonstrating the functions, characteristics, and effects of individual components.

But the system can do much more; it can run diverse simulations of complex practical situations. After all, KLINGER BV's business is not merely the selling of components, but lies in providing advanced integrated solutions to its clients. Know-how and expertise are at the company's core, and this is exactly what the Practicum installation offers. The experts at KLINGER BV can give demonstrations of the various applications of process controllers, automation setups, and control valves in one place and explain the different uses for pneumatic and electrical control valves. At the same time, more complex or abstract concepts can be exemplified. Among other things, it is possible to illustrate the water hammer effect and its detrimental consequences within a system, while operational processes, such as pressure and flow adjustments, or the characteristics of different valves – including automation capabilities and operating parameters – can be shown in practice.


Worktables for flange management and assembly training include, amongst others, a torque wrench calibration station and practice flanges


Practicum is more than just a showpiece. It provides scenarios and configurations for a multitude of theoretical and practical training situations, covering subjects such as mechanical seals, stuffing boxes, and flange assembly. In particular, the work area represents a training space for flange assembly and flange management situations, while also serving as a venue for various theoretical and practical training courses. The integrated conference area with seating and multimedia screens allows for effortless merging of theory and practice.


The facility has also been utilized in higher education. A customer with a background in teaching at one of Rotterdam's universities became interested in Practicum after hearing about it from a KLINGER BV sales engineer and subsequently booked time at the venue for the benefit of his engineering students.

Teaching in a controlled environment offers distinct educational advantages. A commercial industrial plant in full operation must limit access to many of its components and areas, and at the same time provides relatively few opportunities for hands-on training. With Practicum, on the other hand, everything is easily accessible and the installation provides a safe setting, allowing students to work with numerous components and configurations in a compact space. Additionally, space and equipment for theoretical discussion and practical work is provided, and a product specialist's
expertise is always on hand to answer questions and to clarify functions. Consequently, engineering students are provided with a varied educational setting that is conducive to an engaging learning experience.


Left: Fully operational demonstration setup. Right: Meeting space with multimedia capabilities

Customer oriented

The Practicum setup is versatile and educational, but ultimately it has to benefit existing and potential customers, which it does in a number of ways. It showcases the wide range of applications for individual products, as well as the quality of said components. Additionally, KLINGER product specialists can provide detailed information on the performance characteristics of valves in a production environment and help with the optimal selection of products. This in turn may reduce clients' expenses by keeping maintenance costs down and improving the integrity and durability of the systems. Essentially, Practicum is a personalized and interactive means of imparting information, which is tailored to the client's requirements, highlighting KLINGER BV's commitment to integrated system solutions and highly qualified know-how. Sharing knowledge with customers is a vital step in building trust in the KLINGER brand and services, laying a strong foundation for an excellent relationship with every client.


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