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Latest news on KLINGER Group
Fast Spare Parts Service For Power Plants
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Fast Spare Parts Service For Power Plants

The corporate start-up SPAROX wants to become the Amazon of spare parts. For this purpose, the online platform joins plant operators with suppliers. KLINGER Gebetsroither uses SPAROX as an additional distribution channel.

Power plants are often in operation for decades. Sometimes parts have to be replaced. This usually takes place within statutory inspection and maintenance activities. In rare cases, however, an unplanned replacement may be necessary. Ideally, this should be handled just as quickly and smoothly. After all, power plants have to fulfill their supply contracts and be operational around the clock.

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Straight to KLINGER-Shop

Many operators struggle with the reality that they cannot get required spare parts quickly enough in an emergency,” explains Sonja Zahradnik-Leonhartsberger, head of start-up company SPAROX. Through the order platform, she has developed a smart solution for such emergency situations. In addition, she wants SPAROX to become a contact point for the procurement of spare parts for scheduled maintenance.

Markus Fuchs at KLINGER Gebetsroither

„The more sales channels we have, the better. For us, SPAROX creates the possibility for potential new customers to get to know us and we can convince them of our quality.“

Markus Fuchs, Key Account Manager at KLINGER Gebetsroither

Spare parts service for the entire Germany-Austria-Switzerland area

SPAROX is owned by Wien Energie, Austria’s largest regional energy supplier. However, its services are available to the entire energy sector in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. There are currently around 24,000 spare parts for all types of power plants available on the platform, from combined heat and power to photovoltaic to waste incineration systems. Suppliers and systems operators can participate for free; payment first comes due after successful procurement.

High-quality KLINGER range makes SPAROX even more attractive

Sparox Ersatzteilservice für Kraftwerke - Sonja Zahradnik

Sonja Zahradnik-Leonhartsberger, Manager SPAROX and SPAROX3D

“We want to become the Amazon of spare parts,” explains project manager Zahradnik-Leonhartsberger of her ambitious goal, which she requires strong partners to reach. KLINGER Gebetsroither, the Austrian trading house of the KLINGER Group, uploaded numerous components to SPAROX in summer. “The fact that we were able to obtain a supplier with the profile of KLINGER for our platform has helped us a lot, because supply also creates demand. The high-quality KLINGER range makes SPAROX even more attractive,” Zahradnik-Leonhartsberger is convinced.

Find a supplier quickly

KLINGER Key Account Manager Markus Fuchs is also pleased with the cooperation: “The more sales channels we have, the better. In the end, it doesn’t matter to the customer whether they order in our web shop or on SPAROX.” Many systems operators have their regular suppliers, but if they urgently need a spare part, they can quickly find an alternative supplier on SPAROX. “For us, this creates the possibility for potential new customers to get to know us and we can convince them of our quality,” says Fuchs.

SPAROX spare parts service for power plants - KLINGER warehouse

A large KLINGER range is now also available in the SPAROX virtual spare parts warehouse.

SPAROX spare parts service for power plants - KLINGER valves

Systems operators can find urgently needed spare parts at SPAROX from KLINGER Gebetsroither, among others.

Large selection for emergencies

Especially in times of emergency requests, the variety of products offered by a large player like KLINGER is a decisive advantage. “If a required spare part is not listed on the platform, an emergency request can be sent to the network – maybe the part is available in a warehouse, but has not yet been uploaded to SPAROX,” explains Zahradnik-Leonhartsberger. “Since the beginning of 2020, all emergency inquiries have been positively met by our community – but luckily fires don’t have to be put out every week!”

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • Who is the SPAROX shop aimed at?
    The SPAROX shop is designed for plant operators in the energy sector. The aim is to prevent plant downtimes due to missing spare parts or long delivery times.

  • Which KLINGER products are listed in the SPAROX shop?
    In the SPAROX shop you will find all current KLINGER valves, gaskets, sheet materials and spare parts. In total almost 1,000 products are listed.

  • What does the SPAROX spare parts service include?
    Besides classic spare parts, services can also be requested in the categories of planning, installation, optimization, maintenance/revision and 3D printing.

Straight to KLINGER-Shop

SPAROX spare parts service for power plants - Onlineshop
The spare parts on offer are clearly arranged in the SPAROX online catalog: Below is a screenshot.

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