Latest news on KLINGER Group
Latest news on KLINGER Group
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Everything you need to know about KLINGER’s ecosystem

Discover KLINGER's comprehensive ecosystem: From gaskets to valves, we offer a single source solution for your production needs.

KLINGER’s ecosystem is growing steadily. Global coperation enables customers to obtain gaskets and valves at every stage of production.

The value chain for gaskets and valves is long: from extraction of raw materials to processing and installation in the facilities, many work steps are required. KLINGER covers the majority of these processes and accompanies its customers throughout the entire journey. This is made possible by a globally positioned, comprehensive network of suppliers, distribution partners and subsidiaries. The result is that everything, from the raw material to the finished product, can be offered from a single source. Welcome to the KLINGER ecosystem.

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"Pay per use light" in case of shutdown

Across national borders and often across continents, KLINGER employees work together to reliably supply customers quality products and provide the best possible service and support. After all, the ecosystem does not end when the finished product is handed over, making it no surprise that more and more customers are now also taking advantage of the various services that KLINGER provides. These services include renting material or machines, support from qualified specialists during facility modifications and planned downtimes, and on-site consulting.

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Definition of an ecosystem

An ecosystem in the economic context refers to partnerships between several companies that broaden their range of services through cooperation. In the process, borders between sectors, nations and companies are dissolved.

Global delivery

Such consulting services often result in close cooperation, representing an expansion of the Ecosystem to provide optimal service to customers in conjunction with specialized partners. A global network of distribution partners ensures that products and services are always available in countries without their own KLINGER branch. The partners include technical distributors as well as stampers and processors.

Michael Eifler, Managing Director of Theodor Winkel GmbH

„Even my great-grandfather worked with KLINGER.“

Michael Eifler, Managing Director of Theodor Winkel GmbH


Theodor Winkel GmbH has been cooperating with KLINGER for decades. Walter Gauggel, Managing Director of Schippl Dichtungen GmbH (a member of the Späh Group), also reports on an ongoing success story:

Walter Gauggel, Managing Director of Schippl Dichtungen GmbH (a member of the Späh Group)

„If one of our end customers has a problem, I can always call KLINGER without hesitation“

Walter Gauggel, Managing Director of Schippl Dichtungen GmbH (a member of the Späh Group)


Sharing knowledge in valve and gasket manufacturing

Additional joint venture partners, two of which are already in China, one in Taiwan, and one soon in the USA, expand the production capabilities in the KLINGER Ecosystem - not only through united forces, but also through united thinking: the transfer of knowledge and learning from one another are at the forefront of the KLINGER network.

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Did you know…?

  • …that the close cooperation with the partners in the KLINGER ecosystem allows the group to also offer customers third-party products and thus always finding the most suitable solution for the customer?
  • …that the KLINGER ecosystem’s network was built over many decades? Cooperation within and outside the KLINGER Group creates an offering of the highest technical level!
  • …that KLINGER also organizes events as part of the ecosystem, such as the “Praxistage 2022” in Germany, where representatives of customers, suppliers and other manufacturers exchange technical knowledge?
  • …that the experts from KLINGER are represented in numerous associations, committees and advisory boards, actively shaping the regulations for gaskets and valves?

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