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Double block for increased operational safety

To maximize operational safety in existing systems, innovative solutions are needed – like the INTEC Duoball valve. Here’s what benefits it has in store.

The INTEC Duoball is a ball valve that reduces the number of interfaces required and provides additional shut-off options in a body the same overall length as a standard valve. It can be furnished with connections for monitoring, relief, purging and secondary pipework. The Duoball technology has already proven its value in many industries, especially in systems with demanding process conditions.

Valves are an essential process component in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. Used to control the massflow of liquids or gases, valves also fulfill the vital safety function of allowing sections of pipework to be reliably shut off. As such, they are an essential, integral part of a plant’s safety system and must fulfill the stringent safety requirements associated with this function.

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Marcel Goßmann, Business Development Manager at KLINGER Schöneberg

Optimized operating procedures through modernization

Existing systems are increasingly being upgraded using durable shut-off solutions that are reliable, offer additional safety functions and can ideally replace existing valves with minimal installation effort. The measures involved in modernizing old systems aim at maintaining or even enhancing the system’s value as well as optimizing operating procedures and, above all, safety-related processes. These include operational management, process management, process optimization, and maintenance to conserve or even enhance the system’s value. The aim here is always to achieve the ideal balance between the costs of maintenance and of upgrading the plant.

Double block and bleed function for critical applications

Ever more stringent demands on operational safety and environmental protection call for products with superior functional and safety characteristics. This is particularly true for corrosive and critical media processed under demanding process and operating conditions. Especially in today’s increasingly safety-critical applications, valves with a double block and bleed (DBB) function are in demand. This requirement can be met by ball valves with a trunnion mounted design and both sides spring-loaded seat rings (double block) as well as a venting or draining connection (bleed) in the so-called dead space.

Double block boosts safety in operation

To maximize operational safety in existing systems, innovative solutions are needed. One such solution is the INTEC Duoball, which reduces the number of interfaces needed and provides additional shut-off options. This ball valve has already proven its worth in many industries, especially in systems with demanding process conditions.

  • Developed by KLINGER Schöneberg, the INTEC Duoball provides an independently controllable block against flow from both ends of the valve and increases system safety by a factor of up to 4. Its design concept is to integrate two ball valves in a single body.
  • The INTEC Duoball is also available in the standard installed length in accordance with EN 588 R1. As well as increasing safety, it represents a compact, cost-effective alternative to using multiple standard valves.
  • Like all INTEC series ball valves, the Duoball is available with a floating or trunnion mounted ball, spring-loaded seatrings on one or both sides, with a free-flow outlet, and soft, PEEK or metal seated execution. All ball seat systems comply with leakage rate A in accordance with EN 12266 and are completely gas-tight, even at a high switching frequency.
  • Every Duoball valve seals against pressure in both directions.

The double block provides increased operational safety in chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical plants.

The versatile connection options of the INTEC Duoball

The cavity between the seating surfaces is as small as the valve’s design will allow and features the following connection options:

  • Pressure relief
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Leakage monitoring
  • Pressure monitoring
  • Nitrogen pressure superposition
  • Safety valve
  • Cavity purging inlet and outlet

The INTEC Duoball can be tailored to suit specific process conditions, such as extremely low or high temperatures and pressures, and for use with particularly corrosive, toxic, or abrasive media.

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