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Depot Inauguration in Rustenburg - South Africa

With a focus on meeting customer needs, KLINGER South Africa opened a new logistics hub in 2022 to better serve the North West Province.

Customer Service is a top priority at KLINGER. Focusing on customers’ needs and providing convenient solutions is one of the driving factors to excellence, which is why opening a depot to serve the North West province was one of the 2022 goals of KLINGER South Africa.

KLINGER has been represented in South Africa for over five decades, continuously growing the product and service offering and providing solutions to meet the challenging needs of customers endure within their respective operations. With over 7,000 options within their product range, KLINGER South Africa prides themselves on delivering quality Fluid Sealing, Fluid Control and Pipe Product solutions. Added to their product basket is KLINGER Engineered Solutions, which provides top-quality turn-key maintenance support services to the petrochemical, power generation, mining, pulp & paper and sugar industries – offering customers a safe, successful and leak-free start-up and commissioning.

Contacts mentioned in the article:

Phillip Herbst, Managing Director of KLINGER South Africa

Leticia Alexander, Branch Manager at KLINGER Mzansi Rustenburg

Interior view of the new depot in Rustenburg

Continued growth in South Africa

Now, KLINGER has been expanding its presence in South Africa and has 13 locations across the country, bringing KLINGER even closer to its customers.

"Our mission is to provide exceptional value to our customers by delivering innovative and reliable solutions that exceed their expectations. By establishing a strong local presence, we can achieve this goal and better serve the unique needs of each region."

Phillip Herbst, Managing Director of KLINGER South Africa

Time to celebrate: Leticia is cutting the ribbon.

Exuberant mood at Rustenburg Depot Inauguration

On November 24th, 2022, KLINGER South Africa proudly inaugurated their new facility in Rustenburg with a social event hosting customers, business partners and colleagues. The new depot is officially open to serve numerous industries within the North West Province. KLINGER Mzansi Rustenburg is managed by Leticia Alexander, who joined the KLINGER Group in July 2022. With her extensive industry knowledge and the support of her Rustenburg team, her success in establishing the KLINGER brand as a local partner within the region is inevitable.

“I am thrilled to be leading this team and bringing KLINGER's quality products and services to the North West Province. It seems we have hit the nail on the head, and our new facility has been well received by our customers.”

Leticia Alexander, Branch Manager at KLINGER Mzansi Rustenburg

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