Latest news on KLINGER Group
Latest news on KLINGER Group
KLINGER Group acquires the Italian industrial valve manufacturer Burocco
KLINGER Acquisitions and Subsidiaries

KLINGER Group acquires the Italian industrial valve manufacturer Burocco

KLINGER Burocco supplies valves to the chemical, pharmaceutical, natural gas, cryogenic, steel and sanitary industries worldwide as well as to OEMs

Effective July 2019, the KLINGER Group has acquired the Italian manufacturer Burocco Industrial Valves. KLINGER’s latest acquisition is located in Northern Italy. The company specializes in control valves, on-off valves, manual valves and ball valves. This product portfolio will be used as a strategic addition to the existing product ranges of the KLINGER valve manufacturers KLINGER Fluid Control and KLINGER Schöneberg and to facilitate cross-selling activities.

Product Range KLINGER Burocco

Burocco Industrial Valves was formed in 1954 and has since then continuously earned itself a reputation as a high-quality and trusted supplier for various industries. Its customers, both in Italy and in 30 other countries, are at home in the chemical, pharmaceutical, natural gas, cryogenic, steel and sanitary industry. Furthermore, the company also delivers to OEM manufacturers, where its valve products are used for textile machines, boilers, autoclaves and dosing systems. “Burocco Industrial Valves first came to our attention around five years ago,” explains Group CEO Daniel Schibli, adding: “This is due to the fact that KLINGER Italy and our latest acquisition entered into business relations – we supplied them with KLINGERSIL®C-4500 gasket and KLINGER® Graphite Laminate SLS materials for their control and on-off valves.”


Burocco acquisition provides local and global opportunities for KLINGER Group

As a consequence of its sound market position, Burocco will remain a separate entity. Following the retirement of the company’s former owner, Raffaele Pittaluga, Managing Director of KLINGER Italy, has been charged with leading the new company. He outlines the way forward: “We have identified three focal points that we want to address: Increased exports, a greater share in our local market and production benefits.” With regard to the former, Mr. Pittaluga explains: “Our export activities currently comprise around 30 percent of our total sales. We want to introduce Burocco to foreign markets via our Sales & Distribution (S&Ds) companies present around the globe. In essence, this is the same approach as the one in place for our standard and magnetic level gauge business. The second aspect concerns the local market. According to Mr. Pittaluga, the newest member of the KLINGER Group has a customer base of around 200 in Italy. “On the one hand, Burocco’s existing portfolio enables us to offer a broader range of products. On the other hand, it also facilitates cross-selling: The company’s control valves, for example, are a perfect match for the sealing, fluid control and instrumentation solutions we offer.” Last but not least, Raffaele Pittaluga also highlights the production benefits resulting from taking over the Italian industrial valve manufacturer: “Burocco has state of the art manufacturing infrastructure at its disposal. It could also be used to create synergies in the production of KLINGER Italy’s magnetic level gauges.”

Introducing the Series 4000 control valve

Burocco’s power of innovation is another characteristic that is entirely in line with the KLINGER Group’s corporate DNA, especially its value “Innovative Edge”. This is best exemplified by looking at one of its top products, the Series 4000 control valve. It was specifically designed for super vacuum-insulated cryogenic applications and can also be used in pilot or experimental plants. The body is built from stainless steel bars, making it configurable for virtually any type of utilization. The internal parts, on the other hand, can all be individually exchanged. This means that the valve body does not have to be removed from the pipe system during maintenance. Similar to the high-quality products of the KLINGER Group, Burocco’s valves are all tested and calibrated prior to delivery and promise long-term, maintenance-free use. Raffaele Pittaluga: “Burocco is without doubt the perfect addition to our Group. It will enable us to be closer to our clients and to offer them even more comprehensive packages. I am very much looking forward to introducing its products to our national an international customers via our global distribution network.”

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