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2023 - Celebrating milestones

As we flip through the pages of history, the 2023 anniversaries of several KLINGER companies stand out as beacons of progress, innovation, and enduring commitment. Each anniversary tells a unique story of growth, challenges, and triumphs.

As we reflect on the significant milestones, it becomes clear that the KLINGER Group’s journey is one of continuous improvement, innovation, and a deep-rooted ­commitment to quality and sustainability. These anniversaries are not just a celebration of years past, but a testament to the Group’s enduring vision and unwavering dedication to customers, employees, and the environment.

The story of KLINGER began in 1886 with the innovative spirit of Richard Klinger, an entrepreneur who foresaw the industrial potential of his era. His first workshop in Vienna, staffed with just four employees, was the cradle of revolutionary advancements in the industry. Klinger’s pioneering invention of the reflex level gauge for steam boilers not only marked a significant technological breakthrough but also laid the groundwork for the company’s future trajectory.

Visionary by tradition

Richard Klinger’s vision and innovative approach propelled the company to the forefront of industrial sealing and valve technology. Over the years, the KLINGER Group expanded its horizons beyond Austria, establishing a global presence with subsidiaries and manufacturing sites across continents.

The KLINGER Group’s journey is a testament to its ability to adapt to changing industrial landscapes while maintaining a steadfast commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. From its modest beginnings in a small workshop in Vienna, the KLINGER Group has grown into a global leader, consistently setting industry standards and pioneering new technologies. Here’s to the continuation of this remarkable journey, filled with more achievements and successes in the years to come.

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Other historic milestones of 1886 – a year of innovations

»    Carl Benz files a patent for his “Motorwagen Nummer 1”. This marks the birth of the automobile with an internal combustion engine
»    John Stith Pemberton invents a carbonated drink infused with coca leaves and cola nut. Today, we call it Coca-Cola, one of the world’s most famous beverages.
»    After several years of experimentation, Charles Martin Hall succeeds in developing a manufacturing process for aluminum.
»    Heinrich Hertz succeeds in sending electromagnetic waves from a transmitter to a receiver.


A decade in Thailand – KLINGER’s smiling success

KLINGER Thailand, rooted in the Land of Smiles, ­celebrated its 10th anniversary. The country’s economic transformation and KLINGER’s role in the petrochemical industry underscore the company’s strategic growth. The dedication and warmth of the local Thai team, led by Rungrudee Anusatsiri, reflect the country’s hospitable spirit and KLINGER’s commitment to excellence.

The team at KLINGER Thailand celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Ten years of KLINGER Advantage – a testament to team spirit

A decade of KLINGER Advantage highlights the power of a dedicated team. As General Manager Steve Stratton notes, the company’s success is a story of organic growth and a familial spirit that drives its continued advancement. Read the full interview here.

The KLINGER Advantage team has been standing proud for ten years.

Ten years of KLINGER in Mexico

Celebrating a decade of excellence, KLINGER Mexico marked its 10th anniversary as a leader in fluid control in the third-largest country in Latin America. Adhering to the Total Valve Management business model, it provides tailored solutions across diverse process industries including oil and gas, storage terminals, energy generation, mining, cement, and metallurgy, among others. This solidifies its position as a pivotal player in the industry.

The 10th anniversary of KLINGER Mexico and excellence in fluid control are good reasons for a festive celebration.

Pioneering in the marine industry – ten years of KLINGER Westad

Established in 1895, Westad became part of the KLINGER Group in 2013. Initially serving the local pulp and paper industry, Westad transitioned to the marine industry in around 1950. The advent of oil and gas production in Norway in the late 1970s marked a significant adaptation, with Westad excelling in high-demand markets using specialized materials like titanium and super duplex. Today, as a leading supplier, KLINGER Westad manufactures advanced double offset butterfly valves for critical applications for LNG, LPG, ammonia, methanol, and more, in both marine and land-based industries.

Founded in 1895, Westad originally produced valves for the local pulp and paper industry, utilizing a range of specialized stainless steel materials such as titanium, duplex, and 6MO. Additionally, they operated a foundry, which played a significant role in their manufacturing process.


30 years of progress – KLINGER Portugal

The scenic Douro Valley witnessed KLINGER Portugal’s celebration of three decades of achievement. In 1995, KLINGER Portugal, initially established as SAIDILUSA, marked a significant evolution as KLINGER became a direct shareholder. This change catalyzed growth and expansion into sectors like mining and water. In 2009, KLINGER ­Portugal acquired Equifluxo, specializing in pre-treatment, dosing, filtration, and instrumentation equipment. The acquisition of LiberAqua in 2023 marked another milestone, creating significant synergies, strengthening their presence in the market, and reinforcing its focus on the water treatment sector. KLINGER Portugal’s 30th anniversary is a celebration of teamwork, growth, and collective effort. The presence of CEOs and Business Unit Directors, along with heartfelt speeches, highlighted the company’s appreciation of its dedicated team and its impressive performance over the years.

À saúde! KLINGER Portugal celebrates its 30th anniversary.


50 years of innovation – KLINGER Bartsch

Founded by Peter Bartsch in 1973, KLINGER Bartsch ­revolutionized the industry with its innovative use of graphite. Over the years, the company has grown remarkably, now boasting a vast array of 18,500 tools, reflecting its commitment to meeting diverse customer needs. Adhering to stringent quality standards, evidenced by its ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, KLINGER Bartsch has been a paragon of quality and environmental responsibility.

Together with Maik Lorenz (left) and Martin Holers (right) from KLINGER A.W. Schultze, among others, the Managing Director of KLINGER Bartsch, Martin Einfeldt (center), celebrated the company’s 50th anniversary.


55 years in Brazil – a journey of growth

Since it was founded in 1968, KLINGER Brazil has exemplified a journey of expansion and innovation. From the inauguration of its globe valve production factory in 1972 to the recent commissioning of its Camaçari unit in Bahia in 2021, the company has been on a remarkable journey of growth. The symbolic planting of 55 Ipê trees on its 55th anniversary, with trees named after long-serving employees, reflects its deep connection to both its people and the environment.

Moisés Sebastiao da Silva, Tiago Augusto Caetano, and Arlete de Fátima Moreira Santos are only three of the colleagues who planted trees at the 55th anniversary of KLINGER Brazil


65 years of partnership – KLINGER Australia

Since opening its first Australian office in 1958, KLINGER Australia has been a story of strategic growth and partnerships. The company’s response to the economic surge in Western Australia during the 1950s and its addition of a Melbourne office to serve client needs in the eastern region exemplify its adaptability and customer-focused approach. The company’s success in projects like the Northwest Shelf project and its expansion into Southeast Asia highlight its ability to respond to market demands and its strong focus on excellence.

In 1980, KLINGER Australia received the Export Award.


A century of excellence – KLINGER UK

Since its foundation in 1923, KLINGER United Kingdom has embodied a spirit of innovation and excellence. This century-long journey has been characterized by a series of significant milestones and pioneering advancements. The company’s early days were marked by the establishment of its first cutting shop in London, a move that signaled its commitment to bringing cutting-edge sealing solutions to the UK market. The subsequent establishment of a new plant in Sidcup in 1935 was a clear indication of KLINGER UK’s rapid growth and its dedication to meeting the increasing demand for its innovative products.

The latter half of the 20th century saw KLINGER UK continue to push the boundaries of technology and product development. The acquisition of MacMichael Gaskets in Bradford during the 1980s played a pivotal role in the development of the first asbestos-free compressed fiber gaskets. This innovation not only reflected the company’s commitment to health and safety but also its ability to adapt to changing market needs and regulations. The centralized manufacturing facility in Bradford, established in 1995, further exemplified KLINGER UK’s growth and its strategic approach to meeting global product demands efficiently and effectively.

The very beginnings of KLINGER UK in London, 1923.


175 years – KLINGER Denmark’s unmatched legacy

The story goes that in 1848, 28-year-old Russian ­immigrant Meir Baruch Cohn opened the doors to his new cigar shop on Strøget in Copenhagen under the name M. B. Cohn. KLINGER Denmark’s 175-year history is a rich narrative of adaptation, innovation, and resilience. The company has navigated diverse industries such as the marine business and market shifts, emerging as a leader in the field of valves, gaskets, and instruments. This noteworthy journey is intertwined with the industrial evolution of Denmark, highlighting the company’s ability to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing world. The shift from a cigar shop to a supplier of essential industrial components is a testament to the company’s agility and visionary leadership.

Throughout its long history, KLINGER Denmark has not only witnessed but also contributed to the development of Denmark as an industrial nation. The company’s transition under the leadership of the Cohn brothers in the early 20th century was a pivotal moment, with a shift in focus to industrial products that laid the foundation for what KLINGER Denmark is today. This evolution was driven by a keen understanding of market needs and a desire to source and supply quality products. The company’s collaboration with Austrian manufacturer KLINGER in the 1930s further solidified its position as a key player in the industry, setting the stage for the eventual merger of the two brands and the continued success of KLINGER Denmark in the years that followed.

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