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Latest news on KLINGER Group

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KLINGER South Africa provides mobile shutdown services

KLINGER mobile shutdown services in South Africa: Ready to cut, manufacture and recondition kammprofiles and sheeting into gaskets

50 years of plant safety: KLINGER and Nitrogen Plant Puławy

The Nitrogen Plant Puławy of Grupa Azoty is one of the world's largest producers of melamine. KLINGER has been ensuring plant safety for over 50 years

KLINGER FiT: Torque application trainer with numerous features

Torque application training with KLINGER FiT: Sequence of bolting, correct torque, leakage rate, various sealing materials, forces across the flange

KLINGER Group and SINYUAN open polystrate plant in China

Opening of a supplier plant for the automotive industry: production of Polystrat, a rubber-coated steel for automotive disk brakes

Knowledge exchange at the KLINGER International Sealing Conference

The KLINGER International Sealing Conference addresses over 30 KLINGER and partner companies. Main focus: market analyses, case studies & strategies

KLINGER Gebetsroither installs Vienna's first large-scale heat pump

First large-scale heat pump in Vienna helps to save 40,000 tons of CO2 emissions: Output of 10,000 KWh, supplying around 25,000 households

Plant safety with KLINGER: Services for the leakage-free operation

KLINGER offers plant safety services including steam audits, drones and on-site shutdown services for the leakage-free transport of liquids & gas

KLINGER Westad relies on laser welding technology for valve production

Laser ablation - a laser welding technology - enables KLINGER Westad to manufacture highly specific valves for the marine industry

KLINGER Thermoseal holds annual DRP Council Conference

The Distributor Relationship Program (DRP) networks distribution customers of KLINGER Thermoseal in the United States

Propelling the Future: KLINGER Westad supplies valves for LNG tankers

Using liquefied natural gas (LNG) to propel seagoing vessels by using a dual fuel engine design: 90% less sulfur oxide, 80% less nitrogen oxide, 15% less CO2

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