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Latest news on KLINGER Group

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Stanlow Oil Refinery relies on high-pressure seals by KLINGER United Kingdom

Best Practice in Oil and Gas Industry: 20 years trust in saels made by KLINGER United Kingdom. Stanlow refinery further expands on-site service.

KLINGER Fluid Control holds District Energy Days industry conference

The District Energy Days address district heating operators from all over Europe. The conference highlights the possible applications of ball valves in district heating networks.

Safe water supply provided by KLINGER Argentina’s Water & Sewage Division

KLINGER Argentina expands water supply: 50% of the population in Argentina does not have sewage services, 16% has no access to a safe water network

Turnaround engineering: Maintenance projects of large plants by KLINGER Kempchen

KLINGER Kempchen holds workshop on turnaround engineering: Maintenance and servicing projects of large plants

Kempchen Practice Days: Conference of the German sealing industry

KLINGER Kempchen sealing industry conference with presentations by OAT, Siemens, SGL Carbon and TÜV SÜD Chemie Service

KLINGER Australia relies on Lean Management

KLINGER Australia customers benefit from increased availability, efficiency and delivery reliability

KLINGER South Africa opens branch for Fluid Sealing and Fluid Control in Mossel Bay

Major customer PetroSA benefits from proximity to new KLINGER South Africa branch: Field services as well as fluid sealing and fluid controll solutions

KLINGER Dichtungstechnik erects regenerative thermal oxidation plant

KLINGER Dichtungstechnik relies on regenerative thermal oxidation for PTFE gasket production: 150 tons of CO2 reduction

KLINGER Switzerland with company-own steel priming solution for the automotive industry

KLINGER Switzerland relies on steel priming facility for the production of Polystrat: a rubber-coated steel product for the automotive industry

KLINGER United Kingdom Successful In Offshore Wind Turbine Business

Offshore wind park relies on KLINGER Precision: Custom-made instrument slip rings for wind turbines for power, signal & data transmission

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