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Behind the Scenes of Gasket R&D with Jane Abi Aad

How to succeed as a woman in R&D

Bridging gender gaps in the gasket industry: Meet Jane Abi Aad, a leading force in gasket R&D, making strides in the male-dominated STEM field

KLINGER Australia Celebrates 65th Anniversary with New HQ

From Workspace to Growth Center: The Transformation of KLINGER Australia's Perth Office

KLINGER Australia marks 65th year with renovated Perth office - an inspiring hub designed to foster team bonding and creativity as core company values.

KLINGER Sweden: Earning a Healthy Place to Work Certification

KLINGER Sweden's path to a healthy workplace

From fitness to feedback: KLINGER Sweden's innovative workplace wellness program that prioritizes employee health and leads to a more effective business.

KLINGERSIL: The Original Green Gasket Making a Difference

Green gaskets revolutionizing the industry

Introducing KLINGERSIL - 'the original green' gasket, a testament to KLINGER's commitment to sustainability in sealing technology

Sales partner of the KLINGER Group - Groupe Efire in France

Sales partner of the KLINGER Group - Groupe Efire in France

Discover Groupe Efire - since 2003 go to source for KLINGER gaskets, expansion joints and valves in France and French-speaking Africa

Unlocking KLINGER's Ecosystem: A Comprehensive Guide

Everything you need to know about KLINGER’s ecosystem

Discover KLINGER's comprehensive ecosystem: From gaskets to valves, we offer a single source solution for your production needs.

KLINGER Ball Valves for Secure Petroleum Reserves in Austria

Ball valve for Austria’s most important oil tank farm

Discover how KLINGER's valves and gaskets ensure smooth petroleum emergency supply operations at the ELG tank farm in Austria.

KLINGER's Gasket Waste Find New Life with The Upcycl

Upcycling rubber cork

Learn how KLINGER Denmark and The Upcycl are unlocking the potential of gasket waste materials, such as rubber cork, for sustainable design solutions

From Belgium to South Africa: KLINGER's 2022 Trade Fair Circuit

Strong Trade Fair Comeback

Explore KLINGER's strong comeback to international trade fairs showcasing their innovative strengths and solutions in 2022

KLINGER Acquires LiberAqua: Water Treatment Expertise

KLINGER Portugal acquires LiberAqua

A strategic move: KLINGER Portugal acquires LiberAqua to meet the increasing demand for innovative and sustainable wastewater treatment solutions.

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